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– Former WWE star Zach Gowen was at the Detroit Music Awards this past weekend.

– The National Geographic’s NATGEO will be filming footage at EVOLVE’s internet pay-per-view tapings this Tuesday night in New York City. They are filming for an upcoming story on independent pro wrestlers trying to make it in the business.

– WWE Champion The Miz will be throwing out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles as the Dodgers take on the Giants, May 18th at 7pm.

– Readers note that Sin Cara is still using his springboard entrance on the current WWE tour of Europe. There was talk that WWE officials would stop him from doing the entrance after last week’s RAW.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • y2dleo

    man why all the hate for sin cara. I for one am extremely entertain by him. The wwe should continue pushing this guy cause nobody can do the moves he can. Everyone complains about the one trick pony cena, but when a guy like sin cara has more (yes look up his matches) moves than the entire locker room combined, everyone still has crap to say…

    Oh by the way, come down with a mariachi band? Very funny, how bout cena come down in a trailer park while eating spam? Yeah not cool…

  • Buttercastle

    He should come up through the ring like Michael Jackson on the triller tour.

  • http://www.youtube.com/jonjon535353 Jon-Jon

    He could come out with a Mariachi band 😛

  • blongguru

    He should ride a horse to the ring,never tried that b4,ok maybe strongbow did in 70s at the Spectrum

  • venom

    I think Sin Cara should come out of the crowd and smash beer bottles over this head like Sandman. He can be the drunken masked high flyer.

  • deva

    I think sin cara needs to zip line to ring every time he has a match while massive pyrotechnics are exploding in the background

  • Sammo

    Maybe Sin Cara could ride a kid’s tricycle down to the ring. That would look pretty cool.

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