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Update on Sin Cara’s Suspension and Return to WWE

– Sin Cara is being advertised to return at the WWE SmackDown live event on August 20th from Tacoma, Washington.

Cara was suspended for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy back on July 18th so the Tacoma event would be the first show he is eligible to return on.

Cara won’t be able to return in time for SummerSlam or the post-SummerSlam SmackDown tapings on August 16th. Cara is being advertised for other live events so it looks like WWE made the decision to bring him back after talk that he would be released.

  • venom

    I think Cara should be brought back and given a chance. Give him another year, and if he doesn’t improve, then job him out.

  • CM Mark

    @misfit douche bag
    Seriously mate, take your own advice. You’re really starting to embarass yourself. Sheesh…what a loser.

  • poko

    I think he’s got a lot of potential. You don’t get rid of a guy just because he’s rough around the edges when he’s starting out. He was over-hyped on his debut, but that’s been the WWE modus operandi for awhile now; bring them in hot, burn them up, then smack them back down to the mid-card, where they have to scratch their way up again. Given him a chance to improve his English, practice working with larger wrestlers, let other guys get used to his moves, and I think he’ll be a keeper.

  • adam

    I dont think they will remove them until he gets better in the ring both in there style and reducin the number of botches. Thats why they moved him to smackdown so they can edit them off of tv. I saw him live at a smackdown before the suspension and he did some cool stuff but other things looked like a mess.

  • S_Napalm

    Herp Derp useless Internet argument. Save your bitch slapping for places other than here thanks

    On Sin Cara returning, I’m all for it, but just like pretty much everyone else remove those damn lights.

  • rob

    I actually think marks comments have relevant content.. Cara sucks, he’s boring, why does he get special lighting? His movesets are so limited, he’s like a cruiserweight cena. He’s just a bad investment. Go rehire the mexicools

  • misfit del rio

    Ahh is daddy getting under your skin? Little racist bitch mark. I’m not here to defend my grammar I’m here to stand up to ignorant pieces of shit like you, you little punk bitch. It wasn’t a real death threat, I wouldn’t waste my fucking time on scum like you, it was meant as death via, words like I am doing, I knew you’d be scared my little bitch. For once in your pussy life say something worth a damn on here instead of being a racist punk.

  • adam

    @CM MARK. I thought the same thing when i was watching all his matches i thought all his moves were just some variation of a hurricanrana.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I knew it was too good to be true… We get more of those annoying lights and botches ever match yay… Was hoping those reports may have had truth to them, but then again just because he is advertised doesn’t mean he will be there, cards are subject to change. After Jericho left they were still advertising him for shows.

  • CM Mark

    Keep on practicing those paragraphs misfit death threat little buddy. Eventually YOU TOO can learn the proper use of their and there. Don’t get too carried away with those big words though. I’ve told you before you’re gonna hurt yourself man; and I wouldn’t want that! We’d be one TROLL down on here. What a loss that would be…

  • CM Mark

    LOL. So true, the match he had with Daniels was so hard to watch a few weeks back. You can really tell everyone has a tough time with him in the ring because of his inability to speak english. That and he does the same move over and over and over and over…

  • Matt

    Cara is being advertised for other live events so it looks like WWE made the decision to bring him back after talk that he would be released.

    you mean after copy/paste between 30 dirt sheet sites speculating he might get released?

    if you copy/paste enough times, does it become the truth? 😛


    they need to give him a good manager like a ricardo rodriguez who can get over with the crowd and can talk for him… or turn him heel with a vickie guerrero cause she is done for if she stays with dolph ziggler he was better on smackdown

  • Devil_Rising

    The only talk of them getting rid of him, was here online. It’s only his first boo boo, and he’s HHH’s guy. They’re trying, HARD, to court the major Hispanic market, and he is someone they’ve invested in a lot to do so. Having an up and coming heel who might have a world title run in Del Rio is one thing. But to have a mega baby face that they’ve been pushing like Cara, that is what is going to get Mexican fans interested. Mysterio is still there, and still way over, but Cara can do the things Rey used to be able to, before his knees disappeared.

  • adam

    THose lights are on to kinda shield the tv viewers and live audience from the botches so you dont see as clear. I hope they get rid of them too.

  • misfit del rio

    glad to se the wwe came to there senses and brought back sin cara, he’s a good and entertaining wrestler, the only thing is get rid of those god forsaken lights. And wresting edge, can we please ban that racist piece of crap, we all know who that is, thank you

  • CM Mark

    Did they rehire the midget with the trampoline too?

  • CM Mark


  • Stumpy

    They need to get rid of those damn lights though. That is very distracting during the match and very annoying.

  • MWDynomite

    He’s more over with the fans than Rey is now. He won’t be fired.

  • adam

    I actually agree with both mark and ML. He is overated like he was overhyped and so far hasnt lived up to it. But he can be exciting if he is matched with the right people like bourne mysterio primo and if they sign that guy from mexico. As of right now though i dont see anything higher then maybe a IC title run and even that is pushing it. Because he is entertaining but how do you build a ppv match when one person cant talk.

  • mark

    I disagree, he should come back, hes exciting to watch and will eventually take over from when mysterio hangs it up . Hes a breath of fresh air, though they should change his entrance music.

  • ML

    He should’ve been released. He’s way too overrated,and his matches are very slow and boring.