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Update on the Two Sin Caras, WWE’s Free-For-All Shows, The Miz

– The Miz wrote the following on Twitter last night, immediately after being escorted away from ringside during the Hell in a Cell opener: “1000 dollars on stubhub just went to waste. Still a better deal than a 250,000 dollar fine #FiredLife”

– WWE’s Free-For-All shows that air before pay-per-view events are now featuring Scott Stanford with exclusive Superstar interviews.

– WWE’s website now has profiles up for both Sin Caras – the original Sin Cara in blue, and the new Sin Cara in black. WWE is teasing a rematch between the two, adding that their match at Hell in a Cell was so closely contested.

WWE has made references to the black Sin Cara being upset about the blue Sin Cara stealing his identity as Mistico in the past while both were in Mexico. Before Mistico (blue Sin Cara) debuted in Mexico, Hunico (black Sin Cara) wrestled as Mistico. The story goes that the CMLL promotion won the rights to the name Mistico in 2005, forcing Hunico to change his name to Mystico.

  • venom

    Marky Mark can go watch TNA with the rest of bitter people.

  • Stevie P

    These comments are funny. Hey Marky Mark, if you don’t like it, stop watching it. Centerman, Black Sin Cara speaks English.

  • Centerman

    The double Sin Cara angle isn’t getting over all that well in my book because neither of the schmucks has done a promo or can speak English.

  • Or marky mark u could just watch tna

  • scooter

    No he was going by Mystico with the y and blue sin cara was using it with the an i he changed it to incognitio!

  • The Miz/R-Truth storyline sucks, The Nash storyline is worse, the matches suck. They had one good thing going…. Cena/Punk/WWE storyline going, and they fucking obliterated that into a million pieces – the fact they dropped the ball so hard on that speaks RIDICULOUS VOLUMES of these overpaid shitty writers. They really have no idea on what the fuck they’re doing. It’s all rush rush rush, swerves for swerves sake. That shit doesn’t fly anymore. It’s not 99.

    There’s almost no really beginning, middle and end to these stories. Just the setting, and they make the rest of the shit up on the fly… and Once again Triple H beating up and thrashing two guys for no reason, other then, it “helps” the story. Yeah fucking right. Take this garbage off tv.

  • BoneCrusher

    I saw that Hell in a Cell ppv last night and that match was probably the worst on the card. I couldn’t wait for that match to be over. It looked like a couple of times during the match, they got confused as to what the other was suppose to do. Hope they put on a better show next time.

  • Mix/and r truth storyline line sucks bring back nash