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Update On Skip Sheffield’s Return To TV, WWE’s Social Media Strategy Praised

— On Skip Sheffield’s Facebook page, he was tagged in a photo by a fan who ran into him earlier this month at an auto shop in Florida. The fan says Sheffield told him he will be returning to WWE television under the name Ryback.

Sheffield was removed from the Raw Superstars page on earlier this week, thus indicating that the character is through. WWE recently applied to trademark Ryback, which suggests that he will be repackaged with a new character upon his return from injury. Prior to assuming the cowboy persona in WWE’s developmental system, he appeared as Ryback, an indestructible “Terminator” style character billed from “The Future.”

— has published an article praising WWE for their efforts to integrate Twitter and Facebook into their television broadcasts.

— Goldust stated on Twitter that WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes will have an account on the micro-blogging site soon.

  • breezy

    – january 2nd ryback debuts

  • item

    i just watched a few of hes matches ,and…….tbh all ive seen was a guy similar to cena in size destroing smaller guys,so to sum it up …. it want work these days ,maybe a few years ago it would have but these days NO IT WONT

  • venom

    Sounds like this character won’t last long.

  • Jimbo

    A character that can’t feel pain and guys hurt themselves when they punch him? How are they going to pull that off when he wrestles almighty John Cena and Randy Orton?

  • adam

    Maybe thats who the promo video was for with the It Begins

  • Shawn

    Ryback is a beast! I just watched some of his videos on YouTube. He apparently cannot feel pain and guys who punch him hurt themselves. Honestly, I’m a little afraid.

  • RPM

    aslong as he doesn’t talk this time he might be fine as a monster for a bit but as soon as he opens his country mouth he is done.

  • Bawb

    Ryback? Wasn’t that Stevan Segal’s name from Under Siege? Oy, they wanna be like Hollywood…

  • Sean Mooney

    I am all for giving Skip Sheffield a fair shot (his injury was unfortunate for when he was getting his first shot in WWE), but I have the feeling that he will go from being “billed from the future” to the “Future Endeavored” list. I’d like to see what he has to offer first though.

  • Effmenow

    Great just what Vince needs to build his already massive ego -_-