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– Earlier today, TMZ.com reported that Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi will be appearing on next week’s episode of WWE RAW from St. Louis, Missouri.

To follow up on that story, the news has now been confirmed by WWE and Snooki herself – and Snooki’s role on the show has been revealed.

WWE and Snooki wrote the following on Twitter on Monday morning:

WWE: “It’ll be a “Shore” thing March 14, as reality TV star @Sn00ki guest hosts @WWE Monday Night Raw! Details coming on WWE.com! #WWE”

Snooki: “Yes I will be at Monday nights #RAW ! Ugh ohhhh”

  • rob

    SNOOKI Come On Vince Damn Man I Would Like To See Charlie Sheen Before Snooki

  • Trixie

    And here I thought raw was getting better

  • Howe

    WWE routinely has football players at ringside in the crowd, they had Ben Roethlisberger host RAW before, and they had Clay Matthews on Smackdown immediately following the Super Bowl. I doubt the WWE will have yet another football player on tv programming as a reaction to TNA. (Although a lot of players would welcome the income with the whole lockout issue.) TNA is only just catching up…

  • ga88ry

    chuck norris would be awesome, roundhouse to cole

  • Buttercastle

    I’m still waiting for Chuck Norris to guest host.

  • adam

    If tna is not in someway funded by vince. Then he is just saying ok u make a charchter named cookie who is bassed 100 percent on this person i will get the actual person and make u look like a bunch of morons. ALso i agree robbie E is 100 percent a rip off of zack ryder and i would like to addd ryder is about a million times more talented.

  • Mabry

    come on!!!!…. ive heard that this snooki chick is Chilean, just as me, and it doesnt make me any proud to know that shell be on WWE….. what has she done to deserve this, as if the guest host thing wanst bad enough, they bring this chicks that have no talent in any sort of way…..

  • Ronald

    First of all… guest host? Really? I thought WWE got smart and was done with that crap. Also, I’m positive this is a reaction to TNA having some random Jersey Shore person on their show last week. I wouldn’t be surprised if on next week’s Raw, WWE also gets a major NFL star to rival Bart Scott (uh… who???).

  • adam

    so what she is on wwe and j-woww is gonna be on tna. I see this as more then a jab i see this as a very strong idea that vince might be funding part of tna. I know people have said to me no never happen but thats the same thing people said when people suggested he gave money to ecw and did all along. No one except vince knows what goes thru his mind but i think he will do that.

  • terry

    so does this mean the guest host thing is coming back? or is it a one night thing only?

  • Hunter

    Can see the rock doing a pre recorded or satelite link dissing her and JC.

  • RoadSign


    Maybe Cena ragged, bagged, and shagged snooki already to appear at RAW

  • Hunter

    Something with John Cena then..

  • nick

    the only good thing that could come outta this is snooki gettin tombstoned

  • dan

    TNA’S Robbie E is nothing more than a rip-off version of Zack Ryder

  • Gary

    Can you say wwe taking jabs at tna? TNA affords the 2nd rate jersey shore cast but wwe grabs 1 of the 2 ‘stars’ of the show…

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