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Update on Special Referees at WrestleMania, Tonight’s WWE Superstars, More

– The Lucha Libre USA promotion will be taping a night dedicated to their “Chicastars” on March 19th in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Women’s wrestling stars advertised for the tapings are Jackie Moore, Traci Brooks, Roxxi, ODB, Reby Sky, Rhaka Khan and others.

– Matches for tonight’s WWE Superstars on WGN America are Chris Masters vs. Curt Hawkins, R-Truth vs. William Regal and tag team action with Zack Ryder & Primo vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov.

– The newest Mattel WWE All Stars two-pack of figures features CM Punk and Steve Austin. The previous two packs are Randy Orton with Jake Roberts and John Morrison with Randy Savage. The WWE All Stars figures will be released this month.

– With the news that Steve Austin is scheduled to special referee Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler at WrestleMania 27, Shawn Michaels is not expected to referee the Undertaker vs. Triple H match.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • JD

    Yeah, I’m sure not sure how Austin makes sense given that Cole is allowed to pick the ref. The only way I could see Austin coming in is if he takes out whomever the ref is going to be to make it “fair.”

    I could also see JR being the GM of RAW. I can’t remember if JR was still on RAW when the GM thing started but it could be his way of getting back at Cole by making him believe the GM is on his side.

  • Dxhbkhhh1

    It makes sence,Steve Austin will be special referee and he will betray Michael Cole.Remember last year Vince Mcmahon contracted the Hart family and they betrayed Mcmahon.

  • bloodstone

    to me it would make alot of sense if Austin was the guest referee i re call Austin beat the living hell out of cole few years back and cole made a shit losd of bad comments about jr . but the way wwe works anymore it could be Mae Young

  • CC

    I still dont understand why The Miz would pick Austin as the ref.
    Austin is not going to play the heel. Austin is friends with JR, who is friends with Jerry, so why would Miz pick someone that is more likely to side with Jerry?

  • Dan

    Hbk comes and superkicks hhh so taker wins hence why wm28 will be hhh undertaker again … That’s the plan anyways folks 🙂
    And no it’s not bs

  • Clara007

    I’d rather have HBK as a referee than Austin.

  • mytoastysausage

    Well…if Austin is indeed the guest referee, it would kinda of make sense. He has history with King’s former (and legendary) commentary partner it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

    However, the reporting on this site makes me giggle. There has been at least two to three different articles explaining the same piece of information, just differently ie Austin at Mania.

    Random note, Impact will suck tonight.

  • Hunter

    Blatantly will be the Raw GM with the current writers…

  • CC

    I’m sorry, what “news” has there been that Austin will be the ref?
    Last I heard it was “rumours” not “news” and that all Austin was confirmed for is that he will be there with the Tough Enough trainers and possibly the contestants.

    If anyone on this site can show me the confirmed fact that Austin is the ref, then I will apologize, but somehow I am just guessing its the same old piss poor wording by a certain person or his own belief that all rumours reported are fact.

  • RAW GM

    I dont see how Austin would fit in the picture maybe Vickie but not Stone Cold

  • Vincent

    I know. I also wrote thios instead of this. Embarrassing stuff. Looks like it’s 58 Me – 1 W-E.

    I still stand by my convictions. 🙂

  • Doubt it’ll actually be Austin. Oh and the Mattel All-Stars figures are already out. Stupid Middleton..

  • W-E

    Vincent, you spelt absolutely wrong. Oh dear. Just saying 😉

  • Vincent

    Middleton, I bet you anything, it is not going to be Austin. If I am wrong, I will never comment on thios site again and I will never point out another one of your many glaring errors in “reporting”.

    I am absoultely positive it is not Austin as it makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever. It will not be Austin.

    But if I am wrong, I will never comment on this site again AND I will apologise for all the times I have pointed out your mistakes.

    Deal? You know how to find me on Facebook if you have anything to say.