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Update on Stephanie Being Upset at Dusty, News on HBK & Cena’s Returns, More on Tryouts

– We noted before that the only person WWE signed from their most recent training camp was 25 year old Dylan Miley, who is a bodybuilder type with a 37 inch vertical leap. While some people from the camp have been told in the past few days that they will be signed, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards had not heard anything from WWE as of October 8th. Both Edwards and Richards have people within WWE who want them signed. Sean Burke, Tony Delfonzo and Todd Hanson were also at the camp with Miley. They got e-mails on October 7th and were told to stay in touch but WWE was not going to sign them right now.

– As noted, Stephanie McMahon was upset at Dusty Rhodes for giving her a “face palm” in the middle of their in-ring segment on RAW two weeks ago. Stephanie was also upset because in that same segment, Dusty was veering off script and she was trying to steer him back.

– Many people assumed that WWE bringing back Shawn Michaels and John Cena for Hell In a Cell was their response to the negative reactions to the Battleground pay-per-view on Sunday. That isn’t the case as Michaels has been scheduled to get involved in the Daniel Bryan storyline for several weeks and they were talking about Cena returning last week.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Mike Wells

    Doesn’t look professional when you can clearly tell the two of them have personal friction when working a promo in the ring. They’re both trying to out-petty the other.
    Steph’s reaction to the face palm was embarrassing in the ring. You’re supposed to be the bad guy. Let him get it in!

    At the same time, Dusty needs to stick to the plan. These things should be sorted backstage after the promo though, not in front for the world to see.

  • ddfindl

    Yeah, either way it will be interesting. But just like the match at SummerSlam, the ref is screwing somebody. I’m looking forward to seeing someone get hit with sweet chin music.

  • This is why wrestlers shouldn’t have pre-set “lines”. Just let them go out there and cut a fucking promo, like they’ve done for decades.

  • A little advice for Steph. Get the fuck over it. He’s Dusty Rhodes. You’re the daughter of a promoter. All he did was give you a “talk to the hand” gesture, which worked in the segment. And if you don’t expect Dusty to ramble a little bit, you obviously have no idea who he is. Hearing about Stephanie get “pissed” at this that or the other random thing, is about as dumb as hearing about Vince shit his trousers every other week over something minor.

  • millerj265

    I do too only im hoping its the other way around and we get HBK vs Daniel Bryan at mania for a one night only return to the ring for HBK. I have very low expectations in the wwe to still have Bryan in the wwe title mix by mania, but if he is in a show stealing match with HBK who is the man who trained him and who hopefully betrays him to side with his evil best friend HHH, that match has so much more potential to be compelling and tell a great story that will give Bryan amazing momentum coming out of mania. Plus its been a long time since the wwe has used the tried and true student turns on teacher/teacher turns on student storyline, which has always been a successful angle when done properly, and with Shawn truly being the guy who helped train Bryan it wouldn’t be hard to sell ppl on the emotions of absolute betrayal Bryan would feel. And with Shawn not having participated in a wrestling match as a wrestler in 4yrs by then, it will have a truly special feel to it, and with 4yrs of not taking bumps his body should feel about as good as its ever going to feel, and it wouldn’t take much for him to get back into ring shape, and if Summer Slam 02 is any indication of how he will preform, it’ll be as if he nvr left the ring at all.

  • millerj265

    I don’t think being in the wrestling business for any amount of yrs can help you in that department. Either your blessed with that gift or your not. Guys like Lex Luger, John Laurinaitis, and to a much lesser extent Bret Hart are perfect examples of that, all with over or close to 20yrs in the business and none of them could cut a good promo or act in anyway. And before I get any hate for saying Bret, I use him as an example of someone who was tremendously over and beloved by fans who improved his promos greatly over the course of his career but at the same time they were nvr that great and he tended to ramble on sometimes, which he has admitted to in a few interviews and even said it in his DVD released by the wwe in 05 I think it was. And Lex is a perfect example of a guy who worked with some of the best talkers the business has ever seen and nvr really improved in any noticeable way. So its not really her fault she sucks on the mic cause that’s something your either going to be good at or your not, now it is her fault and more so the fault of the USA network for wanting her on tv because they think the McMahons equal ratings, and the McMahons for not telling USA in a very respectful way that they have been producing wrestling for many generations and they have a better grasp of what works and what doesn’t and that USA should just leave them alone and let them do what USA pays them to do and produce the best wrestling product they can, which barring only the Attitude era McMahon storylines, will never be storylines centered around the McMahons.

  • me

    Stephanie is a professional and quite frankly she can do whatever ahe wants because she owns it. Not to mention she’s suppose to be a professional authority figure, that’s her character, as well as her real life job.

  • Sam

    Why don’t you confirm a story before saying the ‘rumoured’ version then two days later updating it to something completely different

  • razzle

    i think shawn Michael’s will cost d bryan the match and link up with HHH and co.

  • JAckh45

    Stephanie needs to shut the f up. Even compared to the useless ramble that Dusty says on the mic, she has no mic skills at all. So monotone and down right boring. her voice she uses to sound aggressive and angry is the same tone and pitch as her happy funny voice.
    You’d think with a life time of being in the entertainment scene she would have picked up some acting lessons…
    Dusty was showing raw emotion and enthusiasm, more in that one segment than Stephs entire career.

  • d_pooch

    I think Dusty Rhodes just messed up his lines and was trying to cover for it. Steph and Co. need to relax a little.

  • ddfindl

    I get the feeling this will cause HBK to side with Bryan and feud with HHH