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Update on a Possible Steve Austin vs. CM Punk Match at WWE’s WrestleMania 29

– WWE officials continue to toss around ideas for CM Punk’s opponent at WrestleMania 29 in 2013. While Punk still wants the match against WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin, it may not happen. With WrestleMania 29 several months away, plans can and will change between now and then but WWE wants to have the top matches already in place.

Regarding a Punk vs. Austin match happening at WrestleMania 29, the latest word is that it’s “more likely a no than a yes.”


  • Hes got a bicycle

    I’d rather see Steve Austin vs Johnny Curtis at WM

  • Devil_Rising

    Gee. Could it be that he hasn’t wrestled in years, and if his neck takes one more serious bump, he could be paralyzed for life? Nah……

  • poko

    lol mikey2090, punk HAD the f’ it attitude, now his a censored punk who has not been the same since his promo. call it management or w/e, but isnt punk voice of the voiceless?!… yet he now just plays to how wwe want him, much like cena

  • mikey2099

    Forget the bad guy angle. The fans will choose who they cheer for. Me for one will just cheer for the great match we would get to witness.

  • D2K

    The fans will decide on who the ‘bad’ guy is just like they did with Rock/Hogan. based on the fact that CM Punk’s shtick has gotten pretty old and bland (some of it not his fault but management) and the nostalgia factor for Austin I can see it being like Rock/Hogan all over again.

    The real question, who does the job? As much as Austin’s last match I would like to be a win, I think he would have no problems putting CM Punk over.

    Personally I’d rather see Austin’s last ‘professional’ match be against the guy he wrestling in his first ‘professional’ match.

    The Undertaker.

  • SYM

    @TrevorAllen23 was there a Real Bad Guy in Cena vs Rock? No So the same should go for Punk vs Austin. And I apologise for Poko he woke up on the wrong side of the Floor this morning.

  • mikey2099

    Punk don’t deserve to fight Austin? Wtf are you on polo? If anyone on that roster deserves to fight Austin it is punk? They have the same great wrestling abilities, same f*** it attitude. That is what we the universe wants.

  • T-Will

    @DoogieBust that’s A match we never got to see but will always be A dream match to many

  • WWEfan

    I don’t think it will be possible for the Rock to show up at Wrestlemania this time because of the conflicting schedule with GI Joe.

  • poko

    yea wow oh golly, i sure do hope punk fights austin… punk does not deserve to be in a ring with Austin! one ‘shoot promo’ which he did all by himself… BS! and it makes punk a legend now?! he was just lucky vince gave the promo to him, idk who else would have got the same effect

  • DoogieBust

    I’d rather see The Rock vs. Stone Cold vs. Triple H

  • Rob Buck

    See it’s not even a matter of “Oh well its only if we can get steve to do it.” THEY BOTH WANT THE MATCH!!

  • @TrevorAllen23

    MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! but who would be the bad guy? or it could be a match of respect for each others talent