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Update on Steve Austin’s Invite to The Rock, WWE Total Divas Season Finale Viewers, WWE-Troops

– In the video below, WWE Superstars and Divas get a hands on experience with small arms training and going inside a Stryker:

– WWE posted a footage of John Cena sending his support and thanking the troops for all that they do. Cena said that because of their their sacrifice, people like himself are able to live their dreams.

– As reported earlier, Steve Austin invited The Rock to appear on his podcast, The Steve Austin Show. A follower on Twitter asked Austin about the status of Rock appearing on the show, to which Austin replied, “Never accepted the invite.”

– The season finale of Total Divas this past Sunday did 1,295,000 viewers.

  • daniel

    I was merely suggesting that you read this book to understand that the troops do have a responsibility even though it is their superior that take the decision to send them. Ok maybe not the whole book but try to look at the milgram experiment online.

  • Jon Poyser

    i don’t think my future reading list is any of your concern i admit you do have an opinion which some will seem valid but you also have to consider those who don’t believe in what you say that is the beauty of freedom but sometimes you do have to fight for it history has shown us all this.whether it be justified or not as they old saying goes “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”

  • Jon Poyser

    i think you might want to check up on your history as it was the Japanesse that attacked Pearl Harbour not the Germans

  • Richard

    The US didn’t even join WW2 until the end. They were selling guns to both sides, and only joined because the Germans made the mistake of sinking an American civilian ship. And that war was caused directly by the Verailles Treaty which essentially bullied Germany into having no potential for economic growth and forced them into desperate times. Bottomline is the US only goes to war when it benefits them, not for “freedom”.

  • ihatecons

    America are the REAL terrorists. Look at all the Indians, slaves, muslims and all the others they’ve slaughtered over the centuries

  • rabid

    Not justifying it but if u drive a car u support theoil masters and let’s break it down to the simplest of facts these individuals do protect us from threats to us the people that they murder as u put it would have no problem coming here and doing that to u and ur family.. granted the world in general would be a better place if we could all sit down and hash oit our differences and yes as a father I do hope that happens one daybut I do support the troops in whatever they do bc ot allows my sons to get up everyday and play in peace and ultimatly that what improtant and that what they are doing making sure that u me our children don’t have to worry abt being harmed in any way from from ppl who hate america.. do I agree with the methods 100% of the time no but the fact that they go out everyday willingly and knowing that they may never see there familes again to make sure that Im free to walk my kids to school… yeah I suppot that and them

  • daniel

    you should read the book “submission to authority” from stanley mil gram

  • Jon Poyser

    You are intitle to your own opinion and some may consider it a valid one but would you say the same about the solider’s who fought and died during the 2nd World War or many other conflects over time. The troops in the US are doing what is asked of them if you want to blame anyone blame the elected officials who send these men to fight and die for what most consider freedom not the solider’s for just doing what they are paid to do.

  • daniel

    No they aren’t. Freedom can’t be obtained through violence. You should be thrown in jail for being an acomplice to the murder of men, women, and children around the globe, just so that your oil masters can get all they money they want. Shame on you. God have mercy on your soul for you will probably rot in hell for justifying murder.

  • Jason Lentini

    Not a shock since it’s not going to be a huge payday in reference to The Rock.

  • Jason Lentini

    Enjoy your freedom because “legal murderers” past, present, & future are the reason you have and will have your freedom.

  • daniel

    the troops are nothing more than legal murderers. Sorry but that’s the way I feel