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Update on Sting’s New Deal, TNA Stars Invading Country Awards, Impact Rating

– TNA announced this weekend that James Storm and Jeff Hardy will be “invading” the 47th annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas this weekend. Storm and Hardy will be participating in other ACM events this weekend. For full details, visit TNA’s website.

– Dixie Carter announced earlier this week that Sting has signed a new deal with the company but word is that it’s just for the storylines. Since he’s no longer General Manager, he has to sign a wrestler contract.. Sting has a contract in place with TNA until the end of 2012 and has not signed a new deal.

– The March 30th episode of TNA’s Impact Wrestling scored a 1.04 cable rating with 1,363,000 viewers.

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  • Jason

    @Angry benny – Your mums a man and so is your dad.. And for the record ‘Benny’ in Hungarian means anal sex

  • Angry benny

    What is TNA? I mean, they don’t have anything like Wrestlemania, they don’t even have a magazine, a decent video game, they barely have a website, twitter, facebook account, my local 4 H has a better social media than TNA, they even got a newsletter, magazine, a decent game Farmville!! maybe you heard of it, and I’m pretty sure Jason will come on here and say blah blah blah i’m gay tna all the way, hogans penis looks huge in my hands blah blah blah, ratings and viewership different blah blah my dad beats me blah!

  • Jon-Jon

    Didn’t Jason say that TNA usually has 2 millions viewers, or just below it, on a regular basis? I’m not bashing TNA at all, I’m bashing Jason for being a moron.

  • Effmenow

    And let the speculation of Taker vs. Sting at WM 29 begin…

  • Valo487

    Nobody screams country music more than Jeff Hardy.