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- We noted earlier that local advertisements in the New York City area were advertising several matches for next month’s WWE TLC pay-per-view. We now have the stipulations and those matches being advertised are:

* Tables Match for the WWE Title: Ryback vs. CM Punk

* Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Title: Sheamus vs. Big Show

* TLC Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena

  • luckysalt

    Same 2 world title matches again.


  • Wellsy

    TLC Matches were built for multiple tag teams! They need Hell No, Rhodes Scholars, Rey/Cara, PTP in there and have an epic bout like the old days.

    Tables Match – Ryback vs CM Punk (makes sense)
    Chairs Match – Sheamus vs Big Show (makes sense)
    Ladder Match – ? There needs to be a belt.

    Cena/Ziggler should just be a normal match.

  • Dan

    Really hoping for a triangle ladder match between Hell No, Mysterio & Cara and PTP.

  • Call me

    Omg im so fuckin horny!!! Call me @626-391-2135 or @626-390-2474

  • Cropsy

    @prince maybe they’ll have ziggler put his MITB case on the line seeing as how cena blew his chance.

  • Prince

    How can Cena vs Ziggler be a TLC Match? What the hell are they competing for, the briefcase?

  • Albert

    Ldder match Divas champ Eve vs Kaitlyn :)

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