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Update on Tensai’s Name Change, Indie Wrestler Works WWE NXT Tapings, Theme Changes

– On the April 3rd episode of WWE NXT, The Ascension will face a local tag team. One of the competitors was FIP wrestler Johnny Vandal.

– A fan in attendance at last night’s WWE NXT tapings noted that Adam Rose and Paige’s theme songs were slightly altered.

– WWE began using Tensai’s new name of Jason Albert on last night’s NXT episode on the WWE Network. It appears Tensai’s days of in-ring action are over for now.

  • Arun

    Darren Youngs is making name for him
    And lord tenasi

  • Arun

    Darren Young is making name two
    Darren Young million dollar boy

  • Showbiz1

    That’s what I’m thinking too…just be little Matty Bloom…he still will never be over with fans…

  • CC

    How many WWE names is that now? Albert, A-Train, Lord Tensai, Tensai, Sweet T and now Jason Albert.
    There has to come a time when you realise that someone just isnt gonna get over to the degree you want.
    His best days in WWE were easily his days as part of T&A, but thats because the tag division back then (and the industry) was much stronger.
    I will grant you I have never been a huge fan of his, but at the same time I have never overly disliked him either.
    Put him in a proper heel tag team, give him a manager as a voice piece, and thats where his strength truly lies.

  • D2K

    I’d put Taker/HBK I over Bret/HBK. As good as that match was at the end, it’s kinda overrated. There were far too many rest periods in that match and at times it was boring. Taker/HBK was exciting all the way through. My list would go based on your criteria…

    1. Hogan/Andre Wrestlemania III

    2. Taker/HBK Wrestlemania 25

    3. Austin/Rock II Wrestlemania X-7

    4. Hogan/Warrior Wrestlemania VI

    5. Bret/HBK Wrestlemaia XII

    6. Angle/Lesnar Wrestlemania XIX

    7. Taker/HBK II Wrestlemania 26

    8. Cena/HHH Wrestlemania 22

    9. Austin/Rock I Wrestlemania XV

    10. Rock/Cena II Wrestlemania 29

  • justAfan

    Its not best for business.

  • justAfan

    *Off Subject* I listed my all time top 10 Wrestlemania shows. Now I would like to list my top 10 main events. In my choosing I consider main event to be match that closed the show.
    1. Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan
    2. Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart
    3. The Rock vs Stone Cold Wrestlemania X-7
    4. Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels 2
    5. Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan
    6. The Rock vs John Cena Wrestlemania 28
    7. Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar
    8. The Rock vs Stone Cold Wrestlemania 15
    9. Triple H vs John Cena Wrestlemania 22
    10. Shawn Michaels vs John Cena
    *Honorable Mention* Randy Orton vs Triple H..HAHAHA YEAH RIGHT!

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    jason albert?? really?? why not just call him Matt Bloom? as thats his real name