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Update on the Thieves that Stole Two TNA Title Belts

According to a new report by TMZ, the two men who stole the $6000 authentic TNA Title belt and $400 replica title belt at a house show in Iowa earlier this month were caught because of surveillance cameras.

TMZ also reported that the belts were stolen while a stagehand was unloading props from TNA’s truck. Joel Luke and Forrest Jamison were arrested on second degree theft charges, and released from jail after posting bond. The belts were returned to TNA.

  • Kingalbert

    It’s awesome, i was hoping the belts weren’t found, TNA would go broke replacing them.

  • barry horowitz

    Boy some of these people on here act like they have stock in WWE or something “fuck TNA WWE for life maaaan.” dont read the TNA thread you fuckin lame ass marks.

  • donners

    should’ve ran with it, and said that it was aces & 8’s that stole them – everybody knows this invading group is gonna get squashed when it finally does end up in the ring, why not raise their stock even higher by saying it was 2 wannabe members that stole the titles, and have the aces & 8’s characters show up on impact with them for added effect?

    austin aries coming out and flipping because his belt was stolen by the same people that tried to break his arm?

    i’d watch….

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Only in CRAP-N-A would you hear people stealing their title belts! hahaha

  • jim

    Warriors Armpit and greg needs to not read TNA updates if you don’t like TNA

  • Warriors Armpit

    no, YOU shut up Austin *gives 2x 1finger salutes*

  • Austin

    Shut up greg…

  • greg

    ^ corny as shyt

    Tna sucks. Wwe forever.

  • wulfgar

    Actually TNA should be flattered that it actually has fans out there that actually wants their products.

  • W.cares

    Stick them in the ring with Samoa Joe and Abyss (steel cage) and tell Abyss and Joe “Go nuts for an hour”