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Update on TNA’s Relationship with OVW, A Very Slow Bound For Glory Month, Ethan

– TNA will be introducing a new character named Ethan soon. No word yet on who it will be.

– Al Snow still writes OVW’s weekly TV show and TNA producer John “Big” Gaburick was at the OVW tapings earlier this week to talk with the locker room but nothing of note regarding OVW’s relationship with TNA was said. Regarding OVW being a TNA developmental territory, word is that there’s no “firm structure” in place.

– TNA has a very limited schedule for the month of October with no live events scheduled at all. They will tape Impact Wrestling on October 10th from Tulsa, Oklahoma then head to San Diego for Bound For Glory. They will tape more Impact from Salt Lake City on October 24th and that’s it for the month.

Source: PWInsider

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Plus if he went public and advertised that on TV, that would give the highest rating Spike Tv or Impact Wrestling has ever received.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Because Vince wants its all, and if he had 10 say 11 years of footage that will eventually go into the WWE TV, whenever that launches, that would be great filler, I guess you missed the part in the section is was a Non-Profit Organization, but he would have it all, and the wrestlers, well of course he would do another invasion angle only to have Team WWE win of course, Tna would be branded like a ECW relaunch and fail miserably. WHy you ask? Because he can IMO and he should start that sooner than later before it folds.

  • millerj265

    Why would vince want the library of a company that makes no money? They cant even turn a profit with there own library of dvds. The casual wwe fans who buy wwes dvds don’t know anything about tna and wouldn’t want to buy tna oriented dvds. And the hardcore fans who watch both wouldn’t either because they watch tna and have already seen all the content that would be released anyways. And who would vince want that he couldn’t have already had? other then sting who has willing chosen not to go to the wwe, so how would wwe buying the company change his mind any, he didn’t go when they bought wcw and he was a lot more loyal to them then he is tna.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    I’m pretty sure Stephanie will take Dixie out for dinner, bullsh!t for a bit, then talk brass tax, Vince wants the TNA library and maybe 4 wrestlers full on, then the others will fade into darkness never to be heard from again, Dixie will laugh, cry, and then finally give in and finally sell the non-profit wrestling organization, and if memory serves me correctly is a tax write off so WIN WIN

  • Jeff Wurtz

    But it takes a lot of money to put them on too. And if your gate is low they would be losing money hardcore

  • Scott Davies

    1 would think house shows would make TNA more money.

  • JohnCena33

    WOW, LOL, there biggest month, there wrestlemania season and no live events, this just goes to show that they will be out business soon enough.