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Update on The Ultimate Warrior’s Fraud Charges

TMZ is featuring an update to the report on the Ultimate Warrior being accused of merchandise fraud.

Ultimate Warrior won’t face criminal charges after allegedly bilking a memorabilia dealer out of valuable wrestling merch … including ring-worn wrestling trunks — this according to law enforcement.

Now, a rep for the Sante Fe Sheriff Department tells TMZ, they investigated the matter and can’t determine whether any fraud took place.

  • False Idol

    I want to apologise and scratch my previous statements, I misread the name…and I did misread it!

  • False Idol

    Dude, I thinks it’s you who’s got it the wrong way round!! I say never trust a laurinaitis because within the wwe they seem to have ‘the touch of a butcher’.

  • D1

    What does a Laurinaitis have to do with this story? Please tell me you don’t think the Ultimate Warrior has anything to do with Road Warrior Animal.

  • False Idol

    Like I said last week. Never trust a Laurinaitis!

  • nikki

    i never understood why a grown man wants to buy another mans underwears?

  • Justin sane

    I live close to Santa Fe and go there around 20 times a year every time I’m there I always hope to run into warrior at a gas station so I can challenge him to a match in old town Albuquerque…. I’d be like “Warrior, come out and play!”