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Update on The Undertaker’s Health & Return, WWE Officials Pressured by Iron

– It’s said that independent wrestler Gregory Iron, who has cerebral palsy, has some people unhappy in WWE after his recent Twitter campaign to get him a spot in the 2012 Royal Rumble. Because of Iron’s petition, some in the company feel pressured to not anger the fans who sign his petition, since WWE is so serious about Twitter these days, and they don’t want to come off as cruel to someone with a disability.

– The Undertaker has had another hip and shoulder operation since he’s been away from the ring. Last year around this time there was doubt in Taker’s health for WrestleMania but the latest word is that he’s recovered well and is ready for Miami.

We don’t know yet who Taker’s opponent is for WrestleMania 28 but word is that it has already been decided on. WWE officials have reportedly decided on the top three WrestleMania matches, including John Cena vs. The Rock, and Taker’s match will be the #2 top match on the card.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • DwayneISMYHERO

    I say possibly CM Punk?…Mankind?..or Shawn Michaels.

  • U ain’t Awesome

    @ tombstone, Oh did I hurt ya feelings little boy? Keep cryin like bret cry baby hart.

  • venom


    Sorry, Kane already had two chances of trying to end the streak. I don’t want to see HBK, Kane, or HHH trying a third attempt.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @ U ain’t Awesome, How bout you have a big ol helping of kiss my ass. Dont insult the legends.

    I like Kane for the match’ Maybe one last casket or buried alive match. I think both of them could still pull of an awesome match together.

  • U ain’t Awesome

    Have a dinosaurs match between Undertaker vs Bret cry baby hart

  • payaso

    Undertaker vs Sheamus

  • Gobbledy Gooker

    Get Foley in there as Mankind. But Foley needs to get in shape first.

  • PinkSinCara

    Nash had his chance. So did Big Show. Taker vs Foley has been done to death. Kane already faced Taker twice at WM (WM 14 was great. WM 20 was complete garbage. The match was 7 minutes I think!!) I’d prefer a fresh opponent. Barrett is nowhere near over enough to face Taker. Miz or Del Rio could pull it off.

  • Jon

    Im still going with undertaker vs randy orton wm28. This news make it a little more interesting.

  • Prince

    I’d enjoy seeing Y2J face him, but I think he’ll face Punk for the title. Or Punk and The Miz.

  • Prince

    If they wanted to they could build Nash as a super heel. Have him dominate HHH and then face Taker. But they won’t do that. I think the Nash/HHH feud is set to culminate at Mania. Kane back in the mask seems likely to me at this point.

  • Automattic

    Taker vs. Kane would make the most sense I think, but how awesome would it be for it to be Taker vs. Jericho?

    And I gotta say…Cena vs. Rock, Taker extending his streak, possibly CM Punk in the WWE Title match, and possibly Bryan in the WHC match…Dare I say it, but that’s already a good start to a potentially great list of matches!

  • liam

    its shit if it is kane… i think it should be foley and it should be a above pg rated match so they can bend the rules and do what they like

  • Soulshroude

    It is going to be Kane regardless, the storyline has started with the burning mask vid package. Taker has already ended his “Rest In Peace” tour and is now ready for his last match. Kane has already agreed and has been decided upon, Mark (Taker) approved of the match, the match type has yet to be discussed.

  • RUSTanator

    barrett wont face taker, hes going to be buried by randy orton in the next few weeks

  • venom

    Barrett getting a match with Taker can conclude the whole storyline with him burying Taker.

  • TheMark

    About this time last year the word was Barret for WM27 but that didn’t happen. Seems they delayed it a year to give plenty of time for him to become a credible opponent with the whole Barrage thing.

  • Sammo

    @Edo.Risk… How do you figure that Del Rio and Christian only have 3 or 4 years left?! Christian is 37 years old and Del Rio is 34!

    HHH is 42, Regal is 43, Kane is 44, Taker is 46, Mark Henry is 40 and enjoying the biggest push of his career, the same goes for R-Truth, Jericho is aged 41 and still considered amongst the best in the world, HBK retired aged 46, Finaly retired aged 51! The list goes on…

    I’d say Del Rio will be around for at least a decade yet. And Christian not much less.

  • Edo. Risk

    It all a matter of construction and building up. Just build up the oponent.

    If Mania was today, the perfect chalenger would be Henry due to his latest dominat side. Thank god is not (i mean i like the Henry push, but lets not push it).

    The thing is that a young kid, (aka: Barret, Cody, Miz, Sheamus or McTyre) can say “i nearly eded the streak!” that can be freking awesome.

    ADR or CC to chalenge is ok, but they only got 3 or 4 years left, so how does the future gets beneficial with it, same thing happends with Foley or HHH.

  • Dave

    Taker to pull a triple header at Mania. Cactus Jack. Dude Love and then Mankind. Foley could roll under the ring and change each time he is pinned.

  • venom

    I think Barrett or Shemaus would be a good threat. Especially if they continue to push Barrett the way they are. I hope Taker grew his hair back.

  • Sammo

    @Keyno… I didn’t say Miz will end the streak?! The streak, obviously, will never be beat.

    What I suggested was that Miz would make a better opponent than Del Rio. Got that?

  • LVW

    If they keep pushing Wade Barrett and the Barrett Barrage at the rate they have been I wouldn’t be surprised to see Taker vs Barrett especially since he never got that revenge on Nexus.

  • Luke

    Hmm… Kevin Nash.. anyone agree?

  • The Killswitch

    Kane is a good choice, but these brother vs. brother matches are getting old.

    Big Show?

  • keylo

    Sammo you said ADR would not pose a threat to him and yet say it should be Miz, sorry but they have based Undertakers career on power and strength and to have Miz end it would be a joke and down right stupid as I rather see Kane end it by burying him for good than someone like Miz.

  • Bill

    Yes! Foley would be a great choice!

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    …Who wants to see Cena vs Taker in all honesty? I say they should try to get Austin or have Foley wear his mankind mask, get Taker to fight one of his longtime rivals in-case this is truly his last WrestleMania.

  • Sammo

    Realistically, Undertaker will have to face-off against one of the company’s top heels at ‘Mania (assuming HHH isn’t getting a rematch)

    Mark Henry has been done before (and it sucked), Alberto Del Rio wouldn’t pose a serious enough threat to “the streak”, Barrett and Ziggler are still too “midcard”, Vince doesn’t think highly enough of Christian… So my money is on The Miz.