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Update on Undertaker’s SmackDown Return, Superstars Matches, More

– The dark match before last night’s WWE tapings in Sacramento, California saw Percy Watson defeat Chavo Guerrero.

– Matches taped last night for Thursday’s WWE Superstars saw Chris Masters take on Tyler Reks and the WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel vs. JTG & Trent Baretta.

– As noted before, WWE had been advertising The Undertaker’s return to SmackDown for last night’s tapings in Sacramento. Taker did make an appearance but it was brief and during the dark main event that saw Big Show and Edge defeat The Corre and Alberto Del Rio in a handicap match, when Show chokeslammed Wade Barrett.

Rey Mysterio was advertised to be on Show and Edge’s team but did not wrestle. Taker’s return came during the match, appearing on the ramp and then disappearing, according to a fan in attendance.

  • Matt

    Date: Feb 23, 2011 at 10:41 AM

    • They hype Taker to return on Raw yet his return to Smackdown was mediocre.

    but he didn’t return to smackdown, your forgetting that anything that happens off air (selectively) doesn’t happen at all.

  • Trixie

    Uh, Taker is hardly ever on TV anymore anyway. So no, rich I wouldn’t miss him.

  • silver_kyle

    Taker needs to retire? Did everyone miss his last two Wrestlemania matches? I guess putting on the match of the year in the company two years in a row means you gotta retire.

  • Stashathan


  • Rich

    man i like how people dont act like they wouldnt miss taker at all if he retired..hell i still miss HBK..taker should go into next years hall of fame and then retire

  • Seth

    I agree with mark. Taker needs to retire, he’s about 2 years away from being Flair or Hogan.

  • RawIsWar

    look at these 2 idiots ^ up here… Takers return was meant to be ruined you idiot, that was the whole point in the Taker vs HHH match/feud for WM… Triple H coming out was the surprise Taker wasnt EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW TAKER WOULD RETURN THAT DAY! (including HHH)that was the whole point morons.

  • Buttercastle

    Dammit I typed a huge thing and hit reset form instead of submit. Anyways what I was gunna say was:

    • They hype Taker to return on Raw yet his return to Smackdown was mediocre.

    • Rock and Triple H at least were surprise returns for the most part. They weren’t given away early with a video

  • mark

    WWE have ruined Takers return, turned it into joke. lets have him appear on show and do nothing. Obviously hes not fit to wrestle or do anything. Retire Taker !!!

  • oxslangshoot

    takers is boring now, his gimmick is about 5years too old