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Update On Velvet Sky Possibly Leaving TNA – Involved In A Contract Dispute

Velvet Sky could be leaving Total Nonstop Action Wrestling just as her former “Beautiful People” mate Angelina Love did. has confirmed’s report that the popular grappler is on the verge of parting ways with company due to a contract dispute.

Bruce Prichard, who serves as Talent Relations for the organization, has reportedly asked numerous wrestlers to restructure their contracts. A company source says some talent who have time remaining on their deals are among those being asked to restructure, even if they’re due for raises. Many of those individuals believe they are being presented with “take it or leave it” type offers. Sky is not believed to be among those asked to restructure their contract, but rather, her contract is expiring. She has told colleagues that she is not happy with how the negotiations are going.

Sky, who has been with TNA since the inception of the Knockouts division in October 2007, last appeared at a BaseBrawl event in Memphis, Tennessee on July 14. She is presently booked for a Legends of the Ring convention in Monroe, New Jersey the same weekend that TNA holds its annual Bound for Glory festivities. Sky often responds to online rumors via Twitter, but has yet to address the matter.

  • KingAlbert

    Haha, another bites the dust at TNA, soon it will only be hogans easy e and a double left.

  • keylo

    I see mark saying she should go to WWE, why ? so she can do what ?

    @ Stockton Joe you think she be showing her arse and bending over like that in PG WWE ? If so DELUDED springs to mind

    @ ant lol you tool you say her and love could probably could pull off saving the divas division, really ? lol as they have some damn great female talent there in Hart, Beth, Tamina and dont use them right.


    brook was to make hogan happy. thats just how it is.. they would be borderline retarded to get rid of velvet she pretty much carried the knock outs for a while there they dont really have alot of good wrestlers there and those who are with the exception of mickie and tara aint really over

  • King

    fuck TNA! she deserves way better than TNA. they rather bring in brooke who dont even know shit about wrestling.

  • adam

    I think if they signed angelina and velvet and raquel gets called up they can help improve it. AJ once she starts wrestling again si a pretty good wrestler. I dont think kharma will ever debut for wwe. There is a possiblity that lita might come back for a short time and help out the division.

  • ant

    @stockton joe the only half wit here is you cuz best believe if kharma was still in the wwe she could have saved it but to say NO ONE can save it is an idiotic statement in its own as i expect raquel diaz and sara del rey to be big stars in the divas division and if velvet and love go to wwe that can only work to enhance it not hender it

  • Stockton Joe

    @ant – you’re half-right. Which is all we can expect from a half-wit.

    The WWE Diva’s division IS at the worst point it has been in in decades (hint – a decade is 10 years). In fact, it’s so bad that Velvet Sky and Angelina Love together couldn’t save it. They’d improve it – just not enough to save it. But until “Creative” comes to the realization that Divas are good for more than just one thing, NO Diva can save the division.

  • ant

    Stockton Joe youre an idiot Velvet Sky and Angelina Love are two damn good wrestlers and if either of them got signed to wwe it would be awesome and honestly they probably could pull off saving the divas division in wwe cuz lets be honest its at the worst point its been in years and thats just plain ridiculous

  • Stockton Joe

    We’re missing the big picture. Nobody is asking “why are TNA Talent being asked to restructure their contracts?” There has been much speculation as to TNA’s finances, and when Panda Energy would “pull the plug” on TNA. This tells me they’re really hurting financially.

    As for Velvet Sky making the jump to WWE. She’d fit right in, especially since Kelly Kelly apparently is gone. A VERY pretty face who looks good climbing into and out of the ring, who can’t wrestle. Like I said, she’d fit right in. But “save the Divas division?” I don’t thinks so. Does the WWE Divas division need “saving?” Yes. Is Velvet Sky the one do to it? No.

  • pulgeezy

    Your a comedian mark

  • mark

    Please come to the WWE and save the divas division