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Update on Wade Barrett’s Return to Action, Morale Down with WWE Writers, More

– WWE is looking at doing a new one-hour Spanish language TV show. No other details are available yet.

– Look for Wade Barrett to return to action in August after having shoulder surgery. We noted before that WWE is planing on pushing Barrett and may be holding the Money in the Bank ladder match at SummerSlam so Barrett can win it and hold the briefcase for a title shot.

– Morale is said to be low among some of the WWE writers after some were not invited to the post-WrestleMania 28 party. The main writers like Brian Gewirtz, Ed Koskey and Michael Hayes were there.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • JohnCena33

    barret can go suck his puny dick.
    This will get wwe writers morale up
    Kamala vs hornswaggle and socko in a handicap match

  • RaTeD R

    jesus ppl need to grow up on here, Barrett is a decent talent, and i for one cant wait for his return, his ring performance has improved greatly since NXT and his mic skills are very good, he has all the tools to make a good wrestler and have a decent run in the WWE so stop with all the negativity.

  • bloodstone

    Barrett is awesome? barrett hes a good wrestler hahaha him and McIntyre should start a tag team they can call theirself zzzzzzzzzzz they both suck

  • Ant

    @venom..that spot is reserved for BROCK LESNAR sir

  • Jason

    Okay guys fine, I don’t work for TNA. It was just a plead for attention

  • Diesel

    Considering how shoddy and lazy the writing & booking has been recently, I’m not surprised about the low morale. WWE can produce some decent stuff when the really want too, but it really has been abysmal for a while.

  • emerald

    Wow, whats with all the wade barrett haters on here. If you all got your head out your arses you might realise hes a good wrestler. He may not be built like brock lesnar but thats what makes him good. Sick of seeing all these huge guys get handed a title. And errrm, i dont know where you’ve been looking but he doesnt have a mole on his neck.

  • heyfit

    Wade Barrett DOES have puny arms. They’re so skinny & not muscular AT ALL.

    Plus, his new theme song sucks.

    Also, the mole on his neck is disgusting.

  • GDiGi21

    I saw Wade Barrett today buying a bath rug at walmart. I wanted to ask him about how he was doing but I chickened out lol

  • Pyro

    Barrett is awesome, shame he’ll be returning to August. Way too late. I don’t buy this MITB bullshit for a second, though. He’ll never win the belt, they’ve had numerous opportunities to do so and they just refuse while they put other new guys in that spot.

  • bloodstone

    i don’t like Wade Barrett he like watching paint dry but im not into wishing someone dead .

  • SYM

    In other News Benoits Bowflex is DLC in WWE 13.

  • kitkrock

    I agree with Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW.
    Wade Barrett is so skinny. Look at his puny arms.

    I hope he follows Test and dies soon.

  • Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW

    xXFindleyXx I totally agree, Austin was in his 30s when he 1st won the strap. Another problem is that WWE gives the belt to anybody now, back then only the best could where the strap.

    List of people that should have never won the belt(WWE Title)
    1 Alberto – suck
    2 Sheamus – Suck
    3 JBL – Suck
    4 Randy Orton( mid card at best)
    5 John Cena ( to soon, should have won it when he beat HBK at WM-23, beating JBL did nothing for him)
    6 The Miz – Fucking Suck !

    John Cena and Randy Orton playing hot potato with the belt kind of ruin the credibility of the title, as well as having Miz win the strap.

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    well just because the event is SS doesnt mean Wade will instantly use it, he could wait until wwe wants him too, maybe even at mania.

    If rock will have the title at mania, id like to see wade use it then after the match is done, if they kept focus off his briefcase and whoever won, probably rocky, wade winning would do amazing things for his career, especially getting the title off rocky that way

  • Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW

    Wade Barrett Suck! I hope he never comes back!

  • Ant

    i honestly for some reason do not wanna see wade barrett as world champ just yet honestly i wanna see dolph ziggler as champ hell i kinda wanna see if Lord Tensai is championship material but not Wade if anything i would have him come back and feud with big show and win the intercontinental championship at summerslam then somewhere down the road he can beat sheamus to become the new world heavyweight champion making him a double champion but i would wate until like october to make him champ in the meantime give a world title to either ziggler or rhodes