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Update on Wade Barrett’s Status, Natalya Catches Up with Bulldog’s Daughter, Shelton Benjamin

– Georgia Smith, daughter of WWE Legend “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, caught up with her cousin Natalya while WWE was in England this week. Georgia works as a voice-over artist and voice animator. Here is a photo of the two:

Georgia and Natalya

– Shelton Benjamin tweeted the following about a WWE return:

“I keep getting asked when am I going back to WWE. My answer: sooner or never, time will tell.”

– Wade Barrett noted that last night’s live event in Newcastle was his last event on the current UK tour. No word yet on when Barrett will be brought back to WWE TV but he has been dealing with some visa issues.

  • Greg

    Home grown does in fact change in the eyes of wwe Nicholas. Rvd doesn’t really apply to what i’m saying because this new attitude is a very recent change. When wwe hires a wrestler they don’t just think about the short term anymore. Every wrestler they put on the main roster is a long term investment. More than that these superstars represent what wwe is suppossed to be. The authority(no pun intended) want every wwe success story to have no mention of other companies. That is just the honest truth of how wwe feels right now. Doubt me all you like but you’ll see. In the days to come there will be very few talent jumping to wwe.

  • Trevor Donovan Allen

    They Brought back RVD who… JUST left TNA lmao. and he was in the Title Picture.. Shelton wasn’t in TNA and by WWE standards he’s still “Home grown” until he’s went there.

  • Nik Roseveare

    “Home grown” can never change, Gregory… You can only be “home grown” once by it’s very definition.

    “WAS home friend” is oxymoronic – it makes no sense!

  • Greg

    Shelton benjamin WAS home grown. He’s been out of wwe for too long and wrestled elsewhere for too long for them to consider him home grown. With the new performance center and allll the talent in nxt wwe is done “stealing” stars. Thats why you’ll never see matt morgan aj styles samoa joe bobby roode austin aries or anybody like that in wwe bc no matter how talented they are in the ring wwe won’t hire and push guys that got their start elsewhere. Danielson was the last one and their shitting all over him.

  • Nik Roseveare

    Shelton Benjamin is WWE home grown talent, yo.

  • Yo

    Wow she looks a lot like her brother

  • Greg

    Never is more likely. Wwe doesn’t want wrestlers who have been wrestling elsewhere. The new policy is only home grown talent get hired