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Update on the Wellness Failure of Andy Leavine, News on a Future WrestleMania

– Word on why WWE hasn’t publicly announced the suspension of Andy Leavine is that they are going through the motions to make sure his Wellness failure is legitimate, like checking to see if he was prescribed something by a doctor or other steps along those lines. Andy also may be offered a second test but that’s not confirmed. There have been situations where a talent failed a test, then took a second one and proved they were clean.

Andy reportedly failed his Wellness Test right before SummerSlam some time. It was also noted that Andy is still technically a developmental talent and WWE usually doesn’t announce suspensions, releases or failures from developmental.

– PWTorch reports that WWE is considering St. Louis at a top city candidate to host a future WrestleMania event at the Edwards Jones Dome. Company officials recently met with the St. Louis Sports & Visitors Commission about hosting WWE’s biggest event. However, it’s said that there is slim to no chance to the Dome hosting WrestleMania because it’s owned by Stan Kroenke, the owner of the Denver Nuggets. Wrestling fans will remember Kroenke from 2009 when RAW was bumped from the Pepsi Center because of the NBA playoffs. Vince McMahon went on RAW and tried to start a feud with Kroenke over the “Denver Debacle.”

Partial source: PWInsider

  • D2K

    @ Breezy: I was one of those people that though WM27 was horrible. The card was so-so, but the execution was awful. The crowd was terrible as well.

    It’s too bad they couldn’t have snagged Cowboy Stadium for WM28. Rock/Cena is gonna be huge, but the possibility of Punk/Austin and Foley/Taker I think would have been enough to garner enough interest to break the attendance record. The NBA was able to get 105,000 for the 2010 All-Star Game. I think a wrestling event could get a few more people in.

    With that stadium having the huge HD screen in the middle there would be no need for a Titantron. They could probably scale back a lot of the staging like they did for WMIII to get a few more people in.

  • venom

    Why are they waiting so long to give him another drug test? If they were going to do that, they should have done it the next day.

  • the_electrifyin_one

    Seriously why doesnt wwe do something really radical ans bring wrestlemania (or atleast summerslam) back to the uk. Sure fire way to fill a stadium

  • breezy

    im sure they’re trying to get into the dallas cowboy stadium but they wanna make sure it will be a for sure draw… if its still a pg programming fans wont wanna spend money for the event and not get moneys worth. I didnt see wrestlemania that bad this year like others did but they dont want people to have that same feeling again

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    @Philzibit That and every other car in the parking lot would be looted, trashed or flat out stolen. Best thing they could with that trainwreck of a city is call in an airstrike and start over.

  • muh boy

    because i doubt they can even in the stadium.

  • D2K

    What’s the deal? Why isn’t Vince negotiating to try and get Wrestlemania in Cowboy’s Stadium so that they can re-break the world indoor attendance record?

  • Philzibit

    They shouldn’t discount St. Louis because of that. They should discount St. Louis because it’s a piece of shit.

  • Kris

    i live in colorado, remember that day well, I went to a Tna event instead and Tna even offered fans with WWE tix discounts if they brought their ticket to the door

  • Devil_Rising

    I hate the Nuggets, but how could Vince honestly expect to be prioritized over the Nuggets, being in the playoffs?