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Update on the WrestleMania 29 Location, New Report of Backstage Heat on Zack Ryder

– There were reports going around yesterday that a top official at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas confirmed that WWE was close to signing a deal for the stadium to host WrestleMania 29. When reached for comment, a WWE spokeswoman confirmed that WWE had interest in Dallas hosting a “future” WrestleMania but said the announcement for WrestleMania 29 wouldn’t be made until early 2012.

Cowboys spokesman Brett Daniels told last night that Cowboys Stadium does want to host a future WrestleMania but “2013 and 2014 look like bad years for wrestling.”

Cowboys Stadium will be hosting the NCAA basketball South Regionals in 2013 and the Final Four in 2014, both of which are around the same time as WrestleMania.

– Believe it or not, Zack Ryder currently has heat with some people in WWE for dying his hair blonde without permission. Certain officials are upset because all of his merchandise shows him with the dark hair.


  • Rated M

    he dyed that way because blonde color hides his bald spots

  • scsa852k

    So whaT?
    He had one of the biggest pops at MSG.

  • phoenix

    Not like he couldn’t change his hair color back to brown tomorrow

  • Matt

    Bill of rights, read it wwe.

  • Bill

    I don’t want WM to be in Texas, it was there 3 years ago. I always thought they would wait 5 to 10 yrs before going back to a city for WM. Toronto would be perfect for WM 29.

  • Jimbo

    So when his merchandise continues to sell and arenas still chant “We Want Ryder!” what then will be WWE’s excuse?

  • venom

    Somebody just one a first class ticket back to Superstars.

  • JIR

    Anything to keep a good talent down

  • Snark Mark

    WWE officials would be very pissed if Cena grew a beard w/o permission. Cena is a Gilette spokesmen. I get WWE being mad at Zach. They’ve recently invested a lot of money in promoting his image only to have him alter his look. Stupid move on his part.

  • scooter

    it really should be toronto though shouldn’t it?

  • the_electrifying_one

    It would be a hell of a place to have a wrestlemania. Possibly one of the only places in the world where the indoor attendance record could be broken.

    However I am a firm believer it would have to be wm29 or wm31 as WM30 has to be back home in the MSG. Survivor Series proved just how special that place is to the WWE.

  • Second City Saint

    Wrestlemania would be sick in cowboys stadium the big tv would be unbaleiveable

  • xXx

    even before it wasn’t THAT dark.. geez.. #aryouseriousbro

  • MJ

    WHAT!? You have to be kidding me? WWE officals are concerned over zack rhyder’s hair? What next wwe is going to get pissed if cena grew his beard in? WWE can be really stupid sometimes. If this in anyway effects zack’s push because of his hair then theres no wonder why MVP left to go to japan. There is no creative freedom.