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Update on the WrestleMania 30 Location – WWE Going Back and Forth

– There are reports that a local radio station in New Orleans leaked the news on Wednesday that WWE’s WrestleMania 30 will be held there at the Super Dome. An official announcement from WWE was expected at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, also from New Orleans, later this month.

PWInsider reported earlier this week that officials continue to go back and forth on the WrestleMania 30 location and that New Orleans was not 100% official yet.

There are forces within WWE who believe WrestleMania 30 should be held at Madison Square Garden but more people in the company believe that WWE has already set the standard for holding WrestleMania at big stadiums, plus the argument that the New York area is getting WrestleMania this year.

  • Austin

    Are you shitting? MSG will be amazing, go back to it’s roots, keep traditions, don’t just do it because Wrestlemania has been in stadiums before.

  • wm 30 should host in sliverdome in detroit (wrestlemania 3 ) same number 3 as 30.. eh

  • D2K

    MSG seat over 25,000. While the is not stadium size it is a larger capacity than most arenas. Where it needs to be is Cowboys Stadium so it can rebreak the indoor attendance record.

  • D2K

    So if he “calls the shot” of it being at MSG you’re cool with that right?

  • d_pooch

    MSG is too small. Plus, it’s in NY/NJ this year. Spread the love around! Come back to Detroit. 80,000+ at Ford Field.

  • biggie

    are u kidding…new orleans is the greatest city to host wrestlemania 30!!!!

  • Matthew Farrell

    Who gives a fuck if WM30 isn’t at MSG? Does it mean THAT much to you? Nobody calls the shots on that except Vince, so quit whining about it.

  • It needs to be at MSG. If it isn’t, I’m done.

  • Have WrestleMania 30 at MSG (because it should be held there) then have SummerSlam at a stadium.

  • Jack

    Yeah after the Blackout Bowl, you’d think Wrestlemania there wouldn’t be such a good idea.