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Update on WWE Building a Hall of Fame, Heat on Orton for Recent Interview

– WWE has made the decision to start very soon on construction for a physical Hall of Fame. Officials are still looking for a city to house the Hall of Fame and carry the financial burden of running it but Orlando, Florida is a possibility. WWE is in the process of purchasing legendary memorabilia for displays in the new Hall of Fame building.

– There was a lot of heat from management and other wrestlers regarding Randy Orton’s recent interview where he bashed Kelly Kelly. It was noted by a source that any mid-card wrestler who said even part of what Orton did would be buried big time but Orton was able to get away with it because he’s one of the “golden boys.”

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • B

    I believe the website said he’s not going to be punished because he’s a “golden” boy.

  • Greatness


    Hatas gonna hate, RKO has done more in his life than you will ever do.

  • dx

    they should just put it in conneticut where the wwe head quarters is. i think that makes the most sense

  • Jason

    randy orton is a pile of shit.

  • Steve

    Maybe WWE can put the Hall of Fame at Universal Studios Orlando!

  • venom

    Orton was wrong for saying what he did. Orton and Cena can get away with what they say because they are the top two stars.


    Orton a mid-carder? It’ll NEVER happen!!!

  • Greatness


    They just don’t give the wrestlers creative freedom anymore and allowing them to be edgy. Who didn’t think Orton was badass when he said to Mysterio that Eddie wasn’t in heaven but instead in hell? That was one of my best memories of Orton. CM Punk is more like Austin, Orton is a unique character.

    @Everybody else

    I hope he doesn’t drop to Captain Charismaless, we have another boring few weeks of Smackdown until Christian drops the belt to somebody else. I’d be more open to Orton dropping to Sheamus again. The program would at least be interesting with that. Kelly is a skanky ho, everybody but the little kiddies know this, so its not a big deal.

  • John

    And even if Christian does beat him at Money in the Bank it won’t be because of this. It’ll be so the fued can continue and Orton can beat him back and become the 9 time world champion. I honestly think wwe will let Orton beat Flair’s record. I mean he’s what, 31 years old and he’s already half way to tieing the record. Im not saying it’s right but WWE seems to have eliminated long term title reigns.

  • Justin

    But it’s not like Orton is entertaining. He, just somehow, appeals to the kiddies. He’s their watered down Austin, like Cena is their watered down Rock.

  • John

    People face it. Orton is not gonna be punished. He’s the second biggest baby face in the company and one of the few legit stars on Smackdown. Next to John Cena he’s politically the most untouchable wrestler on the roster right now. Plus do really think anyone’s gonna back Kelly Kelly against him? He actually draws money. Probably not much money but WWE right now is in a “beggers can’t be choosers” situation.

  • Jimbo

    If Christian said something like this, they’d make him drop the title at a house show.

  • Bill

    Orton a mid carder? Christian as WHC? Awesome!

  • Effmenow

    Bitch move by Randy. It’s time he gets rid of the belt and become a mid carder for awhile.

  • Elizabeth

    They will probly give christian the title to punish Randy,if ur gonna be a ho dont advertise