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Update On WWE Cruiserweights Show, WWE Looks At Shawn Michaels’ Career

— reports that WWE plans to launch the WWE Network in November but no exact launch date has been set yet. Company officials are determined to launch the cable network by the end of the year.

WWE is also looking to launch a series based on cruiserweight wrestlers for the network in November. Talent approached for the show were told that potential acquisitions have been pushed back until the fall. Company officials are looking for wrestlers in the 200 pound range for the series.

— The legendary career of Shawn Michaels will be highlighted throughout the month of March on WWE Classics On Demand. WWE has released a video preview of their Michaels showcase.


  • Jon

    Devil Rising agreed. We had Kendrick and London, Kidman,Funkai, even Rey Mysterio. It became a joke when Hornswoggle became champ. The problem is hardly there is a curiserweight in WWE

  • ##

    I’m all for the Spot Monkey Special show.

  • SB2012

    Jay Lethal Isn’t a free agent he Works With Ring Of Honour

  • Little Jimmy

    Jay Lethal is the man, still miss his nature boy impressions! He needs to be signed! To me he is one of the best free agents.

  • lol

    the cruiserweights died when wcw died ..sad but true

  • scooter

    would love to see devitt get the call up to show that theirs more to cruiserweight wrestling than just highflying and spots. and the guy is perhaps the greatest worker in the world right now.

  • Gorilla

    What’s a cruiserweight? Lol I know what it is but here’s a question why is it wrestlers always got cut weight “supposedly ” but them same wrestlers don’t have gain weight to be world heavyweight champ but itsall a show so I guess why bother making sense

  • Devil_Rising


    You can’t push something that doesn’t even exist anymore. Which is too damn bad. They were the best part about Smackdown.

    It’s both good and bad, though, as I see it, about this CW show. For one thing, it’s good that more CW wrestlers will have an outlet. But it’s also bad because it probably means most of the CW style wrestlers will be taken off of the main roster, and conversely, that those CW wrestlers on this show will most likely never see the light of day on Raw, much less a PPV, or even Wrestlemania.

  • Really

    There are a few yound talents who deserve world titles feuds plus, WWE love to have Cena and Orton as champ and CM Punk will game the same treatment now, which means WWE needs to have two world titles.

    People will say dont give the title so much to Cena and Orton but WWE are going to do it so its a mute point, so the only was the likes of Rhodes, Ziggler, Miz, etc will get a fairer share of world title fueds is to have two world titles. There are a few ledgends who never had a title run becuase there was only one belt and one show. So the two shows and two belts have its benefits.

  • ShockmasterIs#1

    Then again it may suck they may do somethin like make hornswoggle champ or gm

  • Shawns mullet was impressive

  • whocares

    If we ditches the us title, it could make room for a light weight division.
    Just combine the world titles too. There is no reason for two world champions anymore. If they join them again, it will be the perfect time to finally throw out the spinner belt.
    One world champ.
    One ic champ.
    No brand extension.
    No stupid spinner belt.

  • LoDeNavaJerez

    Do you mean a 5 star spot fest?

  • yeah great i would love to watch this on tv

  • Effmenow

    Oh and Petey Williams so we can finally see that amazing Canadian Destroyer on WWE tv.

  • Effmenow

    Please find Jack Evans and give him a contract already. The guy can put on a 5 star match.

  • Jon

    Hope the curiserweight show works because WWE isn’t pushing that division now.