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Update on Changes to WWE Developmental, More on Kelly Kelly Taking Time Off

– People in FCW have been told that developmental is changing for the better, with a different structure, and a different schedule. There is some concern in FCW about what is happening since Tom Prichard was released as head trainer with no explanation on his departure given to those there.

Under Triple H, the idea is to structure the entire developmental process and talent relations like WWE is a major sports company.

– As noted before, Kelly Kelly is taking some time away from WWE but some people do not expect her to return. The ATA Agency that is representing Kelly are pitching her for scripted TV shows as well as a potential reality TV show. Kelly also had offers come her way from placing high on the Maxim Hot 100 list this year.

It’s notable that WWE didn’t give her a full contract release but they aren’t thrilled that she has someone else pitching her for outside gigs.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Soulja17

    She should have someone getting her outside gigs since wwe treats most of their talent like crap anyway. Its called being an “independent contractor”, just like wwe labels them!

  • chronoxiong

    WWE would like to wish Kelly Kelly the best in her future endeavors.

  • josh

    Am I the only one who is hoping for Playboy?

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    One of the downfalls of recruiting models is that once they get enough exposure, they will “recharge their batteries” and look for other options.

  • SYM

    Those of you Disliking the Comments above need to stop Dreaming because the possibility of you and Kelly Kelly getting together is about as Blank as her last name.

  • Eddy

    she cant cant act at all why is she reading scripts.

  • Kelly SHOULD try something else. Won’t hurt, she’s like 24-25 for fucks sake. Better now then when you’re older and broken down. Stacy Keibler left… and DID JACK SHIT, and lucked out with Clooney. If that happened, then Kelly is probably imagining what can be done in her prime.

  • art

    kelly is trash anyway…she can’t do anything besides look like an idiot in the ring…fire her ass & push the women who want to wrestle…

  • Maxwell

    Its sad how you have to be made from 70% human, and 30% plastic to make a top 100 list