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Update on WWE Network Content, Backstage News on Bryan and the World Title

– The idea behind the WWE reality shows on the new Network is to air footage taped the week of the show, unlike Tough Enough where the whole season was taped before the first episode aired.

– WWE has been talking with Shed Media about bringing back Tough Enough for the Network and other new programming. Shed produced the most recent season of Tough Enough.

– Before Mark Henry got injured and Daniel Bryan won the World Heavyweight Title at TLC, the plan had always been for him to win eventually. At first they were going to put the belt on him at WrestleMania 28 but some time over the past few months he was set to win it at Elimination Chamber.

Officials chose Bryan to end up with the title after TLC over Big Show because they felt it wouldn’t be much of a big deal if Show kept the title.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Kamala’s Foot

    I’m glad Punk and Bryan are champs. I can see both of them going in and leaving Wrestlemania as champion.

  • Payaso

    Like it is a big deal everytime Cena wins the title! pffff!

  • bloodstone

    i think if D.Bryan was given a chance he could be the next Bob Backlund i mean bob of the 80s not the toad wwe turn him into

  • Tom… Just Tom

    I think this shows that the WWE actually listens to its fans… the WRESTLING fans!! I am a big fan of both Punk and Bryan, and they definitely deserve the opportunity they have been given.

  • Devil_Rising

    Hey complainers? Why not just be happy that for once WWE has two GOOD champions in Punk and Danielson? I mean, no offense to Mark Henry, I was actually happy for him to finally see that kind of success. But I hope they at least let Danielson keep the belt to Mania. I’m kind of worried that they’ll take it off of him before hand, and then he might not even be IN the title picture at Mania. That would suck….especially if it went to Orton instead.

  • MaNic

    show’s gimmick of being a big guy to fear was lost long ago when he started to do comedy an steal peoples gimmicks like ” show-ster ”

  • JIR

    Well as happy as I am about D.Bryan winning the WH championship why not wait til WM28 to have a WM moment for him and fans as for Big Show he has to turn heel now other wise there was no need to bring up the fact he hasn’t won a major single championship in 9 years

  • No1Coleminer

    never fails to amaze me, re the “officials” decisions. i mean its up to them and creative how well/poor a champion is received, although yes random things do happen, the officials can create scenarios and storylines which aide the champion

  • Shawn

    Show heel turn imminent? I feel Show will turn heel and basically take the same, unstoppable, monster heel role Mark Henry had. Then when Henry returns, it’s possible he will be a face against Show. Stupid, but certainly on the minds of “Creative” (and I use that word lightly).