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Update On WWE Contacting Madusa, Punk’s Favorite Warrior Moment

— Madusa, who formerly competed for WWE as Alundra Blayze, revealed Saturday on Facebook that she was recently contacted by her former employer. Regarding this, both and speculate that she was among the huge number of former talent invited to take part in interviews for upcoming WWE Network features. WWE will be filming several interviews in the week leading up to WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami, Florida.

— Former WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior asked his Twitter followers on Sunday to name their favorite Ultimate Warrior moment at WrestleMania. WWE Champion CM Punk took part in the session and answered “Warrior vs Savage.”

— Reports of Hunico appearing in place of Epico as Primo’s tag team partner at Friday’s Raw live event at Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum are incorrect as SLAM! Wrestling published photos of Epico at the show.

— Two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion Nunzio turns 40 years old Monday while former WWE Diva Nidia turns 33.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I hated it when it first happened because I was an 8-year-old Hogan mark, but in retrospect, one of my favorite Warrior/Mania moments was when he beat Hogan at WM VI. But Hogan / Warrior 2 at Halloween Havoc ’98 was… UGH!!! God awful. But I loved his Mania and SummerSlam matches with Savage. Goddamn, I miss Savage.

  • Sean Mooney

    @CptCannabis How does that make Punk a Warrior mark? He liked Savage and classic WWE. Warrior/Savage was one of my all time favorite feuds.

  • BlaH

    best match he had was againsst Savage at Summerslam.
    no doubt about it.

  • CptCannabis

    Haha never would have guessed Punk was a Warrior mark. That. Is. Awesome.