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Update on WWE Studios’ The Day, New Deal for HBK, Vickie, More

– Devin sent the following: WWE returns to the Bryce Jordan Center at Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania on Friday, September 21st, 2012. Bell time is 7:30 PM.

– Vickie Guerrero says she’s going to tonight’s WWE SmackDown live event in her hometown of El Paso, Texas to look for AJ Lee. She wrote on Twitter:

“Tomorrow night, July 7 El Paso Coliseum Smackdown Tour I will be there hunting for AJ #queendiva”

– Former WWE developmental trainer Dr. Tom Prichard has opened a new blog website at

– Shawn Michaels has signed a new endorsement deal with Deuce Watches for his signature series of “Show Stopper” wristwatches. currently has the watches up for pre-sale at $30.00.

– The next WWE Studios movie to be released in theaters will be Doug Aarniokoski’s action thriller The Day on August 29th. No WWE Superstars are attached to the movie as WWE just has the distribution rights. The movie stars Shannyn Sossamon, Ashley Bell, Dominic Monaghan and others. Here is the poster:

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  • shorty

    im sorry if i sounded stupid but i have a right to my opinion and Vickie Guerrero is pretty pathetic good that aj silenced her with the shining wizard after the wrestling match because the wwe does not want to hear vickie guerrero and neither does aj and i bet if aj and vickie had a actual wrestling match no offense stashathan but aj would whoop Vickie Guerreros ass and mop the floor with her, Vickie guerrero is a very annoying wwe tv character and the way she is acting she is going to keep annoying more and more wwe superstars and divas will will also want to not hear her and have nothing to do with her jack swagger wants nothing to do with her now and frankly Vickie Guerrero will get whats coming to her she got the shining wizard from aj lee because that was ajs way of telling vickie guerrero to shut up cause no one wants to hear from her, again im not stupid i have right to my opinion of all things you dont tweet the tweet vickie guerrero did going to hunt aj lee down that is something a not normal person and craxy person says though its on wwe TV Vickie Guerrero should get a job at taco bell as she sure likes to eat their food judging by the fact that she gained back most of the weight she lost no offense, but on tv her clothes look like they dont fit her and she has a lot of fat rolls showing through her outfit . just stating my opinions i dont dislike anyone because dislike is a strong word im just someone whos stating my opinions because i have the right to state them thank you

  • shorty

    no offense stashathan but if Vickie Guerrero says shes going to her home town of el paso texas to hunt down aj Lee that sounds like someone who is a stalker and someone who is not normal story line or not im sorry if my words were not right
    Aj Lee is just doing her job she is not bothering Vickie Guerrero that is what going to work is about whether its in the sports world or any other job in life again sorry my words were mixed up but people just go to work to do their job thats what work is about

  • Stashathan

    @shorty just sounded pretty damn stupid

  • shorty

    sounds to me like Vickie Guerrero is the one who is mentally unstable
    with the kind of twitter message she wrote
    Calm Down Vickie Guerrero it is not all about you
    get some help

  • Nick


  • Austin

    Dominic Monaghan is a great acter, he was the best cast member in Lost so I’ll watch this.