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Update on the WWE SummerSlam Card, Punk’s Theme Song on RAW, WWE Hiring Writers

– Several readers pointed out that WWE also used the “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour song for Steve Austin’s 2009 WWE Hall of Fame video package. On a related note, WWE took some of the images from that music video and put into CM Punk’s new entrance video on RAW last night.

– Look for WWE to hire several new writers in the next year, part of expanding and getting into the WWE cable network.

– As noted before, there will be a Divas Battle Royal on next week’s RAW where the winner will face Kelly Kelly for the Divas Title at SummerSlam. Word going around is that it will be Kelly vs. Eve Torres at next month’s pay-per-view from Los Angeles.

John Morrison vs. R-Truth is also booked for SummerSlam with CM Punk vs. John Cena in a WWE Title vs. WWE Title match. We should know more on the SummerSlam card after tonight’s SmackDown tapings.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • edo.risk

    @ Venom. Yeah WWE surpriced us alrigh, CENA CHAMPION ! What a surprize!!!

    @ Master Blaster, really, Really, REALLY! … ur sick, you know dat.

    @ Rick… Best answer, u sure told him…

    At the others: Punk’s back way to soon, and Mysterio got screwed. His a guy who really deverves the belt (yes Belt) and thats not the way to honor the 13 or something years that he has dedicated to the E. If the point was to make Cena Champion, I think Miz should cheat his way to the title and then forces to face Cena… if that was the case it would made scence (to me at least) But hell CENA AGAIN! what a thrill. Didn’t WWE get that the hole point of the Punk promo outbusrt is that the E universe is pissed and tired of the seme old s%^&**!

    I dunno why do i bother! It’s like loving a Prostitute or an addict!

  • venom

    Master Blaster and fake venom are losers.

    I think this Summer Slam ppv is looking good. Everybody was expecting Del Rio vs Cena. WWE surprised us again.

  • Treg

    Angle = Completely Ruined

  • Kris

    Punk contract actually rubs through Summerslam, or like sometime after that, so Punk could losw at SS then go all crazy and decide to quit then

  • You all are already complaining about this storyline, This feud hasn’t even ended!

  • Bill

    I’m curious as to why people come on this website & call people stupid for using it, when they themselves are using it. I’m not trying to start an argument or anything, as everyone is welcome to use this site & post comments, but if you want an example of what I said, look at the first comment.

  • Matt

    and if he wasnt back before summerslam people would be complaining that he isnt back yet. no one can win 😛

  • The Alex

    They won’t bring back The Rock to lose, besides it will affect the buyrates

  • rocky sucks

    i don’t see rocky winning at mania. cena is here to stay and he’s already lost at mania this year couse of the rock. i don’t see vkm or hhh asking him to put over the rock,they both have big egos and that’s why the match gonna suck big time with bad booking for the end.

  • Mabry

    i really dont understand what wwe has in mind for this Punk thing. He came back too soon, makes no sense, unleass they do something that blows our minds, wich i doubt cause they allready did in MITB (Bryan and Punk winning), so i gues we got another 10 years or so to see something really cool in WWE….. DAMN!!!!

  • The Alex

    @rocky sucks It’s not 100% sure that Cena vs Rock will be for the belt, we all know that Rock will win so why give the belt to Rock when he is not an active wrestler?

  • rocky sucks

    please let punk keep the belt after summerslam. cena needs to take a break until the rumble or the elimination chamber{we all know he’s leaving the chamber with the belt anyway}. punk must keep the belt at least for a couple of months. we all know it’s cena vs the rock at mania for the belt and he’s already been champ this year so he can take some time off and give the rock a night off at ss{we all know he can use one couse he’s workin’ so hard lol}

  • Matt

    Date: Jul 26, 2011 at 3:12 AM

    Hate the new theme song.

    New theme song is his old theme song from ROH, it suits him I think.

  • Stashathan

    yeah gained more respect for cena as i can say i dont hate cena anymore after MITB but cm punk back is what brings in the money and i was really hoping for rey to keep the title but hey the story isnt ruined it is still something to see in my opinion and it only gets ruined because people come onto this site to see what happens before it does duh and as for the guy on the top…. bro im 19 and seen more pussy than a porn industry real talk…. oh and you aint got nuthin on sleepin wit alba bro REAL ASS TALK

  • Generic Troll

    @Ryan agreed but I’d look out man, ‘The Alex’ is out to get you.. I mean really? ‘The’ Alex.. are you the only one orrr? zzzz idiot

  • The Alex

    @Ryan That is so stupid. With half a brain? Really? What about if someone hasn’t ever watch ROH? Lol, you brainless piece of trash.

  • JIR

    really a spiked baseball bat that sound like it would hurt yeah i think I’d better not try that thanks for playing

  • Ryan

    anyone with half a brain will know that punk used this theme in roh…

  • kpnuttzlol

    Truth Vs Morrison could be good, they work well together in the ring,they are both athletic and full of fresh ideas.

    Cm Punk Vs Cena could be a little predictable :/
    And please be Phoenix,Gail Kim or Melina instead of Eve or the Bellas. Wwe creative team needs a heart and not to put us through this again.

  • rko

    Hate the new theme song.

  • rick

    Hey man, I’m not a 40 year old loser….I’m a 25 year old loser.

  • CenaSucks

    Fucking pointless, what was the whole point of the story about Punk leaving, if all that happened was he missed one week, came back and is now facing Cena at the next PPV for the title yet again, only difference is now cena has a fucking title assswell. Rsush, and completely fucking stupid. well done wwe, took you 8 days but you ruined it

  • Henry

    Um, yeah you need help, and blaster needs their emo pills.

  • venom

    Really dude? I think a spiked baseball bat would fit nicely in my ass, just not as nice as the entire wwe male locker rooms natural “baseball bats”.

  • Master Blaster

    HAHA, this website is full of lame losers who think they know something about wrestling. All the pathetic 40 year olds who haven’t experienced sex come on here and say the stupidest shit EVER. You dumbasses don’t deserve the attention of the real world. Just die and go fuck yourselves in the ass with a spiked baseball bat.