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Update On WWE Talent Release Rumors, The Rock Appearing On Ellen

— Regarding rumors of WWE talent cuts already being made, reports that while no one has been officially let go yet, they are definitely on the horizon.

The cuts are being done to free up roster space as there are numerous young wrestlers waiting in the wings to be called up to the main roster. Between developmental, NXT and Tough Enough, WWE has over 70 men and women vying for spots on the main roster. The lone additions to the main roster so far this year have been Sin Cara, Brodus Clay and referee Scott Armstrong. The yearly turnover rate of main roster talent is approximately 30.

It is said that company officials have largely made up their minds on which wrestlers to cut ties with. The ax is expected to drop following the upcoming European tour, which concludes Sunday, April 24.

— Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appears on the syndicated The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Monday.

Tough Enough airs every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on G4.


  • Paul123

    it’s funny cause the brie bella is the champion now :S

    so much for hoping they would get released , lol

  • DudeMan

    Here’s who I think needs to go:
    David Otunga
    The Great Khali
    Chris Masters
    Mason Ryan
    Yoshi Tatsu
    The Bellas
    Mark Henry

    Here’s who I would HATE to see go:
    Tyler Reks
    Zack Ryder
    Trent Baretta
    Curt Hawkins
    Rosa Mendes
    Tyson Kidd

  • HeartBreakHill

    Best not be future endeavoring Long Island Iced Z!


  • Steve

    Be a shame if Ryder gets released. I always found him hilarious, and on Superstars he has shown he’s got real ability. Same for Tatsu, criminally underused.

  • someone

    Primo’s good days were over 2 years ago, him and carlito were a good team, then carlito got released and now it’s turn for Primo

  • Vince


    Brie Bella.
    Chris Masters.
    Curt Hawkins.
    David Otunga.
    Drew McIntyre.
    Michael Tarver.
    Nikki Bella.
    Skip Sheffield.
    The Great Khali.
    Trent Barreta.
    Tyler Reks.
    Vladimir Kozlov.

  • knightcon

    They will wait for Goldust to retire. He has tennor. Plastic his dad has stroke. Khail will stay due to the India thing. They may cut reks and premo for sure.

  • Bus

    Honestly, I’m surprised that Ryder hasn’t been Future Endeavored already. I just don’t get what the internet wrestling crowd sees in him.

  • scooter

    zack ryder won’t be released his merch sales have been too good lately

  • erik

    melina could team up with talented mickie james as face faction.

  • LVW

    Zack Ryder put the Woo Woo in WooWooE, haha.

  • John

    The Lone Rangers

  • Big Daddy

    KEEP ZACK RYDER!!! He is entertaining and CAN wrestle! Maybe we should give these guys some air time!

  • keith learmonth

    If WWE releases Zack Ryder, we riot.

  • CC

    “The lone additions to the main roster so far this year have been Sin Cara, Brodus Clay and referee Scott Armstrong.”
    Firstly, lone is a singular word, thus three additions cannot be classed as lone.
    Secondly, if you are including a referee, how can you not include Booker T to the list?
    And then of course there is Mason Ryan.

    Facts should really be checked before posting stories like this.

  • Hunter

    There is usually a surprise when the list is released.. A middle card wrestler who has been given a fair bit of tv time. Wonder if it could be Jomo after his WM exploits?


    Khali wont get released, he is a big hit in india and although he is terrible the WWE will keep him because of him drawing a fan base from there!!

  • adam

    @tom- I agree with everyone except for ryder reks masters hawkins and baretta. Reks has been doing good on smackdown. There as been talk of giving masters a huge push latley. For ryder he is a good performer both in the ring and out so if htey get rid of him that will be dumb. I can also see them possibly teaming up barretta and hawkins or just droping them both who knows. The rest its very possible i have been praying for the day they finally fire hornswoggle but it never seems to happen. The doubts i have about the other people are they could always send some of them down to fcw like alex riley. I think he could get fired but the thing that is making me lean towards no is the fact that he is on tv every week with miz.

  • M.C.

    @Tom, A-Ry will stay as long he is with the miz. Khali & Hornswaggle are “entertainmen”t attractions for wwe. I think tarver is one of the guys wanting to go to the main roster, I could see Darren young & reks getting released, but rumors have it that masters might get a bush. I doubt it, though

  • Paul123

    kaitlyn will probably not get released as she is over with the divas division fans and is improving immensely on fcw.

    alicia too as she has become wwe’s resident diva jobber.

    as for melina and rosa, goodbye (:

  • Tom

    Alex Riley
    Alicia Fox
    Chris Masters
    Curt Hawkins
    Michael Tarver
    Rosa Mendes
    The Great Khali
    Trent Baretta
    Tyler Reks
    Zach Ryder

  • jushin liger

    I second that one rucdogg, except make it a 3some with angelina love lol.I know she would be the least sexy of the 3 but i love the body on that girl and hell who doesn’t love a good 3some anyways lol.

  • Rucdogg

    Cool, then Melina can go to TNA, team up with Velvet, and create the single greatest ring entrance known to man kind

  • adam

    I say melina will be one of the ones realsed then aj lee will get called up to the main roster.