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Update on WWE vs. TNA Lawsuit, WWE Slips in Youtube Rankings

– The hearing planned for today regarding TNA’s lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment in Nashville was canceled and rescheduled for August 2nd, 2012.

– According to’s weekly rankings, WWE’s “Fan Nation” YouTube channel has slipped two spots to #6 in total views on YouTube.

WWE’s channel did 2,170,570 views for the week of July 5-July 11, and was passed by Awesomeness TV, which airs Jeff Katz’s new Underground Wrestling show. Awesomeness went from #11 to #4 with a total of 2,331,992 views.


  • CC

    Middleton, the word you are looking for is postponed or just simply use the word rescheduled. The word cancelled (two L’s) means that there would not be a rescheduled hearing. If you are gonna report shit, at least try to get a better grasp of English.

  • Bill

    Yeah, because most people probably don’t wanna watch shit like Hornswoggle being GM online after seeing it on Raw & then not even being able to comment on it. However, Puppet H from “Are You Serious?” is awesome!