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Update on WWE’s New Announcers, Punk vs. Rock Rumble News

– We noted before that WWE recently hired announcer Tom Hannifan to work on NXT. He just graduated from Penn State last year and did sports announcing for the Big 10 network. He has been described as both bright and green, both of which are to be expected.

We also reported that WWE signed Renee Paquette, who worked for The Score in Canada hosting the post-RAW show. She’s being discussed for a backstage interviewer role but right now she’s going to be visiting WWE headquarters once a week to do studio work. She will also be doing work on pay-per-views in some way.

– Despite recent creative changes involving CM Punk and the WWE Title, as of this week Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE Title is still scheduled for January’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Plans for The Rock’s opponents can always change but it’s a lock that he will main event both the Rumble and WrestleMania 29.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • King

    ummm how does the crock deserve it? plz explain that one because i really would love to hear/know how he deserves anything like this… the last time i checked he hasnt been around since the night after WM28 then shows up for Raw 1,000 gee go figure gets a title shot which is a HUGE Fuck u to WRESTLERS who are actually THERE ALL YEAR ROUND busting their ass unlike him…this guy sold out & forgot where he came from & the ONLY reasons he even came back was because his career in Hollywood was going down the shitter & he didnt have the following from wrestling anymore like myself & he wants that following back so come on man….he didnt deserve a top spot in Survivor Series last year,he didnt deserve a top spot in WrestleMania 28 & he damn sure dont deserve top spots in The Royal Rumble 2013 & WrestleMania 29 which again is a HUGE Fuck u to the wrestlers there…

  • the v

    1996 royal rumble, taker vs bret hart for the world title match was after the rumble event

  • I don’t see cena winning the rumble let alone rock winning the title but if a rematch was to happen it will be cena costing rock his match at rr cuz he lost the rumble match and promised to face rock like hbk did to taker. Also can’t see rock at elimination chamber or the match.

  • JohnCena33

    Rumble Predictions
    Rock d. Punk
    Ziggler d. Sheamus
    Cena Wins Rumble.

    Thus Setting Up WrestleMania 29 as
    Rock vs Cena for WWE Title
    Ziggler vs Bryan for World Title
    Punk vs Taker
    Lesnar vs HHH

    Please, don’t say this is ridiculous becuase if you look back at articles on this website, Cena vs Rock 2 is going to happen, a rematch between HHH vs Lesnar is going to happen, and Ziggler will be a world champion at mania, so that leaves punk and taker thus a match between them.

    But Punk could face a HHH or Lesnar at Mania if HHH Lesnar match happens at survivor series thus leaving Taker to face someone else at Mania.


    the rock is the best ass kicker and he deserve it…….

  • Prince

    The Rock vs Punk is a huge match. Can’t wait for the build and the match itself. Should make the Rumble one hell of a PPV. If Lesnar is there too, it could be one of the biggest PPV’s of the year. I know they are looking to build it that way.

  • Buttercastle

    They usually have the title match before the Royal Rumble match anyways so I’m not worried. That’s the whole reason why people buy the PPV and the main attraction is always at the end so people stay for the whole thing.

    At least I’m hoping it is, if WWE ruins my favorite PPV I’ll be a very sad boy.

  • FanSince99

    Why hasn’t the WWE realized that you can’t develop stars by bringing back old ones and giving them the main event on the biggest PPV’s of the year

  • Ducky

    A main event for royal rumble and its not the royal rumble match… U_u how much lower can the WWE go now!!!

  • Bill

    God dammit. Please don’t have Rock main event both PPVs. I mean, Wrestlemania is one thing, but having a guy follow up the Royal Rumble match… AT the Royal Rumble PPV? I’m starting to get really sick of this “Cena-Beating, Constantly Tweeting, Movie-Making, Main Event-Taking, Hollywood Star” Rock.