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Update on WWE’s Champion vs. Champion Plans, Finn Balor Advertised for Upcoming PPV

– As we previously reported, the WWE is planning on doing a Champion vs. Champion angle involving WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and United States Champ Roman Reigns. Now that match is being advertised for the upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) event Roadblock: The End of The Line.

On a related note injured former WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor is also being advertised for the the Roadblock PPV. Balor was expected to be out of action until Wrestlemania season, but it seems his rehabilitation is going exceedingly well.

  • Khosrow

    Ww3 was indeed the three ring battle royal in WCW

  • MrDr3w

    I’m thinking it’ll be an in-ring promo to set something up for RR or WM.

  • M

    True but as of right now who is the leading candidate other than Rollins? Two rumbles will never work. Hate to say it but there literally is no right choice to win the rumble. Dropped the ball on Owens too soon, due to Finn’s injury, Smackdown has no one. Don’t need Cena winning for a third time to face Styles although that’s pretty much what’s going to happen with them. It’s as bad as the last three years except this upcoming one at least has options for the desired championship as opposed to just one title.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    If they go that route. They may just have them, have to fight for the title of their brand or have 2 different rumbles; which would be weird, UNLESS, they did it the 2 or 3 ring thing that wcw used to do (world war 3 I think).

  • M

    Finn would be best saved for winning the rumble, where he can either pick Owens or Styles.

  • M

    They were close to doing it. Flipping Reigns and Rollins. If they were to really get Reigns to dominate and get “over” a mega dominant heel turn is necessary. How can you “the guy” without ever being a bad guy. Shield days don’t count, he needs his own run. Being a tweener is working somewhat but getting booed by the men and cheered by women and kids isn’t good enough to really qualify.

  • Khosrow

    If Finn is going to be back by then, why even do a needless champions match. Let Finn have a feud with Owens. That is something I rather see instead of (insert former shield guy here) In a Championship match.

  • Solid

    Considering Owens is a heel and Vince has some fascination with Reigns (albeit diminished atm) I doubt it will happen.

  • M

    Champion vs Champion would be good if it would solidify a Reigns heel turn. Is that too much to ask for?