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Update on WWE’s New Deal with Lionsgate Films, 3 Movies Confirmed for Release

– As noted before, WWE and Lionsgate Films are teaming up for a reboot of the 90’s horror movie The Leprechaun, which has no writer, director or actors attached to it.

The new deal between WWE and Lionsgate is for two movies. The other movie hasn’t been determined yet. On the two movies, WWE and Lionsgate will share production costs and work together on marketing while Lionsgate will handle distribution.

Variety reported the following WWE Studios projects confirmed to be released in the future:

* Horror movie No One Lives with Brodus Clay and Luke Evans
* Barricade with Eric McCormack
* Cult hit The Day with Dominic Monaghan, Shawn Ashmore and Ashley Bell

  • adam

    Well i think there only movie the really did good was see no evil with kane so maybe thats the genre they should be focusing on and stop shoving cena down everyones throat.

  • adam

    @JIR im just speaking how wwe is probably thinking they have a movie with a leperchan and they had a wrestler that is kind of a leperchan or used to be at least in there minds it equals money in everyone elses it equals faliure.

  • Jason L

    Woo Hoo Charlie from Lost and Merry from LOTR. Dominic Monaghan FTW.

  • JIR

    Sorry the thought of Hornswoggle as the leprechaun is hilarious
    At best they should get 1 or 2 Divas to die in it not star and they should be okay

  • adam

    Let me guess hornswoggle will be the leperchan.