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Update on WWE’s Greatest Finishers DVD, Fan Reports on John Cena and More

– WWE United States Champion Santino Marella and Hornswoggle will be appearing at the Steiner Sports Store in Garden City, New York on June 16th from 2-4pm. Advance ticket purchase is suggested.

– WWEDVDNews reports that the sole extra on WWE’s Extreme Rules 2012 DVD will be a Matt Striker interview with WWE Champion CM Punk. Extreme Rules hits North American stores on May 28th.

– WWEDVDNews has also released the second synopsis for WWE’s Top 50 Greatest Finishers DVD and Blu-ray, which hits stores in North America on August 21st:

“It’s a countdown of the top 50 finishing moves in WWE History! Watch all your favorite WWE Superstars as they countdown the best finishing moves, and discuss each one along the way. Plus Disc 2 and 3 include over 6 hours of bonus matches, including many tag team matches, where you can see many of the top finishing moves performed in the one match. Moves that are sure to be included are: The Stone Cold Stunner, Rock Bottom, Pedigree, Sweet Chin Music, Tombstone, Go To Sleep and more. Did your favorite WWE finishing move make the list?”

– Fan reports from Friday’s RAW live event in Glens Falls and Saturday’s event in Syracuse say that John Cena appeared out of it, uninterested, tired and out of energy. Cena defeated The Miz on Friday and Dolph Ziggler on Saturday.

  • Stevo

    Also that cool move the eliminator’s do when they take someone down at the sametime with kicks. I cant think of the name but its sweet

  • Stevo

    The best finshers that should make into the dvd would be the piledriver, the canadian destroyer (piledriver variation) jake robert’s DDT, jeff hardy’s swanton bomb, ric flair’s figure 4 leglock, rey mysterio’s 619, super crazy, ultimo dragon, or sabu’s moonsault, goldberg’s jack hammer and spear, brock lesnar’s f5, kevin nash or mike awesome’s powerbomb, scott hall’s razor’s edge (crucifix), the road warriors’ dooms day device, the dudley boy’s 3D, taz’s tazzmission, rvd’s frogsplash and the undertaker’s hells gate. Im sure there are much more that i cant think of at the moment.

  • Ajd

    Cena needs that time off he got till summerslam….thats in august. Its mid-may, thats all the time in the world to go home, rest, handle busness at home, and hang with familey. But seeing cena as the POSTER BOY of the WWE….i hope n pray that they give him vacation days…a month or two would be fine.

  • ChadBrokill

    I know itll be hard to get Cena out, but they need to. People are always saying that wresting aside, they respect Cena as a person for all the Make a Wish stuff he does and such. He deserves time off to handle stuff because of the good person he is and people can suck it up and remember that wrestling is still A JOB. He seemed to actually care for that poor kid that died not to long ago, something like that added onto a divorce plus rarely getting any time off…give him a some time to mentally recoup then come back 100% committed again, maybe better then ever. Im some some little Cena fan either, just respect the guy as a person and know shit gets rough sometimes for everyone

  • Men on a Mission

    They could have easily done an injury angle with Cena after Extreme Rules, and the way Cena was talking, it sounded like he was going to be out of action. But nope, he’s just going to wear a sling for a week or two and conveniently be ready for the next PPV. I think Brock will come in and injure Cena even worse, putting him on the shelf and hopefully giving him the time off he needs.

  • kitkrock

    If Cena leaves, then he will have SOLD OUT on his fans just like The Rock did.

    Rock SOLD OUT!


    Can’t really blame Cena they work a big schedule plus all the other stuff and he has to do more because he’s the face of the company house shows, signings, appearances plus he’s going through a divorce you can’t always be 100% all the time

  • berto


  • moo

    Cena should suck it up, wrestlers get divorced all the time but the shouldn’t let it affect there performance, even Stone Cold went on a speech about that on tough enough.

  • JohnCena33

    Sad thing is that WWE build up Cena so much that there company would lose PPV buys and ratings with out him. They put Cena on Jupiter and left the other stars on Earth. Hopefully Brock, Batista, or HHH come back FULL TIME for about 6 months to give Cena the vacation he deserves. Then Cena can come back at survivor series for a rematch with Brock.

  • ChrisDV

    @ Ant

    Yes, Cena HAS been seriously injured in the past, but has always rushed back from injuries in far less time than he should be doing.

  • Bill

    Cena NEEDS time off. Have Tensai, a possible heel Big Show, a possible returning Batista, Brock Lesnar, or someone take him out or something & write him off TV. He really needs a break. Plus, I can’t think of any other storyline for him to be in. He can return with a more edgier version of his gimmick & maybe even get over with some fans. But basically, he needs to take a break. If he won’t show his usual passion, then he shouldn’t be on the show until it comes back.

  • ant

    @nick…last i checked cenas been seriously injured twice so HE HAS took time off but on another note i think SABUS finisher deserves to be on the dvd

  • SYM

    F*** CENA! His Bitch Ass finishing Move is going to be in the Top 10.

  • nick

    Im not saying Cena doesnt need time of. I think he really needs the time of. Its just so hard, because all his career, he has been saying I have never missed a RAW, and I am here each and every week, I am the first one here, and The last one to leave. If he took time of than that would ruin it all. I think they would have to do an injury angle where he was in a coma or something, I know that sounds crazy, but if they just do any injury, fans will still expect him to be at RAW. They would expect it even if he was in a wheel chair. He really needs time of. Have him in a injury angle, or in a coma, and just have update on RAW.

  • Buttercastle

    I agree nick.

    But yeah, Cena is going through a lot both physically and emotionally and I’m sure it’s hard to perform your job as a wrestler when your mind isn’t 100% there. As their number one guy who has probably never asked for a break ever, you figure they’d give him time off to settle what’s going on in his personal life. Hopefully after Over the Limit he’ll get a nice vacation to take care of things.

  • nick

    Cena wouldnt put a Benoit. Chris was a f’ed up man to do that, and he should rot in hell. I dont care how good of a wrestler he was. There will always be other good wrestlers out there, but there will never be a little Daniel, or Nancy again. He ended that. He should have just commited sucide if he was in that mind set, but instead he choice to hurt his family.

  • yofits

    “John Cena appeared out of it, uninterested, tired and out of energy.”

    Poor John, he needs a vacation. I fear he will pull a Chris Benoit soon if he doesn’t taking a few months off.

  • ant

    they better put edges spear in there