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Update on WWE’s The Marine 3: Homefront, Incorrect Reports on John Cena Starring

– There are incorrect reports going around this morning that say confirmed John Cena for The Marine 3: Homefront in an article back in February. Deadline never stated this and as of this writing, Cena has not been confirmed for the next movie in The Marine series.

PWInsider reports that at one point, Cena was considered for the movie with the idea that he would pick back up where the first Marine movie left off. At the time, the idea behind Cena returning to the series was that it would be similar to Bruce Willis and the Die Hard franchise.

At last word, Cena was not scheduled for The Marine 3: Homefront. Names tossed around for the starring role have included CM Punk, JTG, Cody Rhodes and a few others. WWE officials have reportedly decided on the Superstar who will appear in the movie but have been holding off on the announcement. Now that it appears Cena will be taking some time off from WWE, fan speculation is that filming The Marine 3 may fit into Cena’s plans. Filming for the movie won’t begin until June.

  • aircon

    MIZ MIZ MIZ MIZ miz is in the movie check

  • The Sheep Dog claims to think different, but says Punk can’t be a (likely former) marine in a movie. Sounds to me like someone loves to pigeonhole certain guys to a certain role. That’s not different. That’s what society in general does. Idiot.

  • SYM

    Dammit we want Amazing Red starring in the 12 Rounds sequel

  • Straight-edge

    i honestly dont think it should be cm punk i love cm punk. i probably his biggest fan. but the role really wouldnt fit him now Jtg could pull it off. but it would be a blast to see ryback do it. however there no chance nor does he even deserve that spot yet, soon tho.

  • blue4everd

    @TheSheepDog it can work if CM Punk was THE VILLAIN!!

  • scooter


  • Hopefully Kharma gets the “Marine” role.

  • F BOMB


  • TheSheepDog

    lol true! but i prefer sheep dog as i choose to think different to the rest of the sheep, i allow more than the joe schmo common knowledge, you see a lot of on here, to aid my thoughts and beliefs.

    it was either theblacksheep or thesheepdog, this sites comments gives me too much amusement when i come on.

    #barr sheep barr

  • commonsense

    i loled hard at JTG suggestion

  • Gorilla

    Actually yours is funny^^^^^you could a been the sheepherders mascot

  • TheSheepDog

    wow again we have people thinking everything should be for their satisfaction. a name is a name, its not there to make us laugh, its just that, a name! is yours funny…no! is mine…no!

    #barr sheep barr

  • Gorilla

    And sorry with another comment but Gorilla has got say to these ppl using neckbrace and foot as names im not for it but if you are going use a ridiculous name at least pick something funny like”piper’s kilt””Hogan’s weight belt”Benoit’s tooth” or even”Mae Young’s baby hand”…

  • TheSheepDog

    wow punk as a marine? loll, would be as legit as rocky pretending he cares about the fans.

    what next? Rey portraying Andre the giant in a biopic?

    #barr sheep barr

  • Gorilla

    If anybody seen Battle:L.A. The marine that was played by Aaron Eckhart I see WWE going with a older marine character like that and having Triple H play role

  • Gorilla

    Lame name^^^^^Lame comment^^^^^

  • Bagwells neckbrace

    You people think your job is tough. I have to hold bagwell s neck together.