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Update on WWE’s Sheamus & Daniel Bryan DVD’s, Stephanie In New Ad for Linda

– Stephanie McMahon is featured in a new political ad for Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign:

– The Daniel Bryan and Sheamus DVD’s in WWE’s new Superstar Collection series will be released in North America on August 7th. As noted before, the John Cena and Zack Ryder DVD’s in the collection will be released on July 10th. DVD’s in the Superstar Collection will be single-disc and each will contain five matches plus bonus material.

Courtesy of WWEDVDNews, here are the cover photos for the DVD’s:

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  • voice of reason

    shawn your brilliant thanks for the help, i think with the momentum punk has had of late a dvd about him would be a sure money winner for the wwe.

  • shawn

    voice of reason, there have been reports about a CM Punk dvd. supposedly the matches in it are chosen by him, and perhaps his biography is in it as well. id like to learn of his past also. i dont think there’s a CM Punk dvd yet.

  • moo

    she sounds like a transvestite.

  • Devil_Rising

    @Bill No. They’re literally just going to have matches and a couple little bonus features. Basically budget Wal-Mart type titles, done cheaply. Too bad too, because I’d like to see a real Bryan Danielson DVD.

  • voice of reason

    i’m not a us voter but if i was i don’t think this video would win my vote

  • voice of reason

    i’m with you bill i do enjoy learning about a wrestlers rise from the minor leagues to the wwe.

    just a question is there a cm punk dvd out that has a biography of him on it i find punk to be an interesting charecter

  • Bill

    Will those DVDs have any biographies on them? That’s what I was hoping they’d do, kinda like the ones from 2003 with RVD, John Cena, Y2J, & E & C. If I want to see any matches, I’ll just use YouTube.