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Update on WWE’s Stable with Kofi Kingston, WWE Talent Retired from In-Ring Competition

– In case you missed it earlier, WWE NXT trainer and announcer Jason “Tensai” Albert said in his latest video blog that he’s retired from the ring. Here’s what he said:

“I’ve actually hung up the boots for in-ring work, and I’m living a dream come true now. I’ve always had a passion of teaching and coaching, and that is what I’m able to do today.”

– It’s worth noting that Kofi Kingston is working as a babyface during WWE’s current tour of Australia and Big E flew solo for his loss to Rusev on last night’s SmackDown. At last weekend’s WWE live events, Big E was teaming with Diego as a babyface. WWE hasn’t made a mention of the stable with Big E, Kofi and Xavier Woods in over a week, and it appears that stable may have been dropped. At one point Mark Henry was rumored to join.

  • The Man They Don’t Call Sting

    WWE Creative dropping an angle that actual seemed like it would be entertaining? Shocker! Tell me something I didn’t already assume on my own, rightly by the way.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I think they’re just easing into it. Even with WWE’s creative team, it would be down to have dropped it already.

  • A stable that gabbed my attention, so of course the angle is dropped. Again this makes no sense and is just a bad rumor