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Updated Bound For Glory Series Standings, CM Punk Featured on TNA’s Website

– TNA posted a photo on their website today of CM Punk with the header that says “CM Punk Is Coming.” Punk is actually coming to TNA’s Video On Demand website. Here are the details:

“In the first of our new “TNA Archives” Superstar Series, next week CM Punk is coming to – the official online video provider of TNA Wrestling! Watch CM Punk’s rare 2003-04 matches from our Nashville “Asylum” Pay-Per-View events, the beginning of TNA Wrestling!

Nearly three hours of matches, never before have these bouts from Punk’s early career been rebroadcast in their entirety – UNTIL NOW! Watch as CM Punk battles Abyss, Raven, Terry Funk, Sabu, Shane Douglas and many more! Check back to on Thursday to watch it, plus details on more upcoming “TNA Archives” Superstar Series specials.”

– Crimson and Rob Van Dam both picked up points in the Bound For Glory Series on last night’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling. Also on last night’s show, it was revealed that Matt Morgan has pulled out of the competition due to an injury. Here are the updated points standings:

* Crimson – 38 points
* Gunner – 28 points
* Rob Van Dam – 28 points
* James Storm – 21 points
* Robert Roode – 21 points
* Bully Ray – 21 points
* Brother Devon – 21 points
* AJ Styles – 14 points
* Scott Steiner – 14 points
* The Pope – 0 points
* Samoa Joe – 0 points
* Matt Morgan – injured with 24 points

  • Rucdogg


    Doesnt WWE put out dvd’s with Sting, Hogan, and Flair on the cover? Isnt that the same thing?

  • payaso

    That is just sad!!!! They have to use and promote the competition in order to sell!!! SAD!!!!!

  • Greatness


    and TNA will be the first to lose “the title match” when they cashed in.

  • CM Mark

    TNA is cashin in their briefcase…

  • Sexton Hardcastle


    U have to admit though that it is a smart move on their part to at least get people to watch their on demand shit. Now that CM Punk is a commodity every one is trying to capitalize on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if RoH doesn’t release a best of cm punks early days in one form or another. It is very smart to get in on whats hot, that’s the business, get in on whats hot, do it till its dead, and then come up with as many excuses as possible as to why if failed instead of just admitting it was a fad. Not saying Punk is a fad, but its looking more and more like delrio vs cena so, i hope hes not.

    i aint sayin…. im just sayin…

  • scooter

    RVD vs Aj Styles vs Gunner vs Crimson is the No surrender main event then RVD vs Angle at Bound for Glory

  • Myers

    Wait to go TNA, “Hey let’s show everyone that we had the guy who is the biggest name in wrestling right now.” It’s like if WCW put out a dvd of Steve Austin back in ’98.

  • venom

    When the BFG series is over, Morgan will still have more points than Joe.

  • Omar

    TNA is trying to capitalize on the Hypegod that is CMPunk.