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Updated Card for TNA’s Genesis Pay-Per-View in January

– Below is the updated line-up for TNA’s Genesis pay-per-view:

TNA World Title Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode

TNA Tag Team Title Match
Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson

TNA X Division Title Match
Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries

TNA Knockouts Title Match
Mickie James vs. Gail Kim

Monster’s Ball
Bully Ray vs. Abyss

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

The Pope vs. Brother Devon

  • arrrrr truth

    fact: meth hardy needs to stay the f OUT of the world title scene.
    fact: storm and roode need to have a huge program for roodes title that culminates in storm getting a lengthy title reign like the one roode deserves.
    fact: just because people dont like tna doesnt make them wwe marks. the simple fact is, i dont want to see junkie wwe rejects stealing the spotlight from the talent that built the company. furthermore, i DEF dont want to see samoa joe get kidnapped by ninjas…yes…ninjas, then lose for a year straight only to be placed in an insignificant tag team while bischoffs son gets more air time than he does.
    fact: tna could hve fixed this some time ago, but have chosen to NOT make wrestling matter.

  • Jason

    I’ve been with tna since 2007 and proud of it. Most of what you said is down right wrong to be honest. I love how you post things as facts but have nothing to back it up with. I work the tna house shows so I know what goes on and what does not. Bischoff is the best thing to happen to tna, for me I am getting way more money then when I started or even when I first got paid in 2008.

  • James

    What’s with all the WE stuff, are you employed by TNA? If you are the WE thing would stick, but just watching it doesn’t really count as anything beyond being a fan.

    Seriously though TNA has every chance to become something genuinely fun to watch on a regular basis, as it is TNA only qualifies as something to laugh at or torture yourself with. When you talk about viewing figures you forget to take into account that these are only for the US, not internationally. Many more people in Europe and Asia will watch WWE over TNA. In the UK TNA is shown on a channel called Challenge, which shows 90% old gameshows, and the rest being crap like TNA.

    All they have to do to improve the product is stop giving screen time to guys like Hogan, Bischoff, Sting, Flair and all the other ancient cast-off WWE talent or WCW talent. Admittedly they have started to give their homegrown guys some proper storylines to play around with but after how long? Give it another few months and Jarret will be back hogging time for himself while younger guys get pushed aside. If they want to use older more memorable talent then why not just have them manage the up and comers? don’t stick them in the ring and wrestling the main event ffs. Either that or dump Russo and Bischoff and Hogan, get some new writers in who can keep a story on track and not just swerve from heel to face so fast you get whiplash trying to keep up with the turns.

    Viewer figures also mean fuck all when you have to let people in for free for the regular tapings, pay nobody Jersey shore hacks large sums of money for single appearances, squash twitter posts from their own talent talking about how they qualify for food stamps because they get paid a pittance. Even when TNA goes on the road they offer free food to attendees and have trouble filling the places they book, with them having to tarp sections off to not look as bad as it already does.

    Now Jason you will inevitably respond with the “WWE marks” response since you are obviously so much better positioned to call what program is the superior one compared to everyone else here, so let me say first that I agree with many that WWE needs to improve ALOT to become as great as it once was. I agree with many that Cena needs to be seen less but not removed from programming, the PG kiddy thing ruins the show in many ways, too many faces just flatten heel opponents like it wasn’t even an effort to do so (see Orton and Cena for examples). WWE has many ways to improve itself and I hope it will the same as I hope TNA will improve to eventually be (A) watchable (B) better written (C) Have less old guys hoggging the screen and getting new talent out there so we can actually see something new.

    Still though if they want something truly entertaining they should pay for Phil Collins to host TNA Genesis =p

  • Jason

    There wrestling shows are superior and only a mark for wwe would say otherwise after this past weeks episode. Gail and James stole the show for any wrestling show of the week and you all know it.

    We out draw and out sell wwe smackdown all the time, hell we get on avg 2 million viewers a week which is just 600,000 viewers behind smackdown and a company that is 67 years old. And again how am I the idiot? I just counted what Bill and Steve posted that was wrong. If anything they are the morons not me.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    You must have that wrong company. According to Jason TNA is awesome and superior to WWE with their 1.0 ratings and inability to sell tickets.

  • Jason

    Stevie and Bill prove that they don’t watch Impact just by there comments. Gail is the champ and Bully Ray is and has been a heel in TNA for over a year now. I swear talking to wwe kiddy fans is fucking hard as hell

  • I personally think Roode is one of the best TNA Champs in recent years to me..

  • K-Dud

    I think it should be kurt angle vs james storm vs rob van dam at genesis and the winner is the #1 contender for the tna world title at against all odds.

  • Stevie P

    Hmm, Gail Kim with a title shot already? Seems rushed.

  • Stone Cold 619


  • venom

    i hope Roode retains.

  • Bill

    Did Bubba Ray turn face or is he still a heel? Too many Russo turns. Don’t even get me started on Mr. Anderson…….

  • WeAreOne

    As of now it dosen’t look bad.

  • Ron Damon

    Twenty bucks dictate that the druggie will once again become the TNA champion.