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Updated Card for WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV, World Title Match Note

– Below is the updated card for WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, coming out of tonight’s RAW:

Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Title
Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title
John Cena vs. R-Truth vs. The Miz

Tag Team Match
Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole and Jack Swagger

The World Title match is still listed by WWE after Edge announced his retirement on tonight’s RAW. Obviously the match won’t take place but as of now, it’s still on the line-up.

  • LVW

    Everyone knows how the triple threat match is going to end. Miz will pin R Truth after Cena lays him out with the AA or something.

  • Vic

    WB = Whiny Bitch

  • WB

    God, shut up about that talentless HACK Christian… he sucks donkey dick. He does the Candy Wrapper as his finisher & does the retarted clapping before hand to get his 7 peeps to cheer him along. The guy sucks, and lets face it.. if not for him trying to get his piece, Edge would still be working. Because Christian and Brodus wouldn’t had been near the ring in any event.. where they deserve to be. In TNA.

  • Trixie

    It says in the post that the WWE HASN’T updated the thing yet. So how could he. They will when WWE does on smackdown or something.

  • jus sayin

    Like Simon said, Edge has unfortunately retired, so update this please

  • Devil_Rising

    If there were any justice in the world, Christian would finally be put in the main event picture now, and allowed to have a drawn out feud over the World Title.

  • adam

    i think it will be a christian added to the del rio match and he will win.

  • Stashathan

    ummmmmmm hey Vinny!!!!!! please dont rob us of what the PPV is called, EXTREME RULES. it will only make you look bad. but hey your the millionaire rite???? Who cares what an ordinary man with so much passion for something he doesnt even work for know????? heh

  • Dave

    So a triple threat and tag team match are Extreme Rules stipulations? Thats new to me.

  • Simon

    Needs updating, since Edge has retired now…