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Updated Card for WWE’s Night of Champions PPV Next Sunday

– Coming out of tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow in Canada, here’s the updated card for Sunday’s Night of Champions pay-per-view from Buffalo, New York:

WWE Title Match
John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

World Heavyweight Title Match
Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton

WWE Tag Team Title Match
The Miz & R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne

WWE Divas Title Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

WWE United States Title Match
Jack Swagger vs. Alex Riley vs. John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler

No DQ Match
CM Punk vs. Triple H
If Punk wins, Triple H must resign as COO.

  • W.cares

    Every title is on the line but don’t mean other matches can be made.
    In fact interesting to know in the history of the Night of Champions (inc this sundays) only 2 matches have not been for a title and CM Punk has been in both.
    Chances are the Intercontinental Championship match will be made at this Smackdown show my GUESS being Ted DiBiase being Cody Rhodes opponent.

  • Watch WWE Night Of Champions 2011 Live Stream Online on Sportsbun. Night of Champions (2011) is an upcoming professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by WWE that will take place on September 18, 2011 at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York.

  • breezy

    u guys are ridiculous. this is the best ppv line-up since elimination chamber. and dont say money in the bank was a good ppv it only had one great match. money in the bank ruined the ladder match concept because now its so often u see ladder matches they are played out same goes for elimination chamber, hell in a cell, tlc, table matches, and the whole extreme rules ppv. the more common we see them the more bored I get. because its never nothing new in them. blood is restricted in matches now. chair shots cant be aimed at the head anymore. now instead of wrestlers saying im going to take your head off with this chair. they say im going to cave in your back with this chair. wwe is watered down and played out. competition is needed. but back to what I was saying this is a great lineup with alot of potential. even when cody vs ted is announced on smackdown.

  • Houndy

    @Trixie. Technically HHH’s job title is on the line with the stipulation so I guess that counts in the WWE’s mind.

  • Trixie

    Hmmm… I seem to remember Night of Champions as being the ppv that every title was on the line for. But where is the intercontinental title? And why is the punk/hhh match on if there is no title involved? Or did they change that rule and I’m just missing it?

  • wawa

    wheres the IC at?

    thought all the belts will be at stake at NOC

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Exactly, Devil_Rising. Besides, ADR will probably retain because they wanted him champion for their tour of Mexico in October. And it’s ok for John to take a loss here and there now, because WWE’s new hard-on is for Randy Orton. He never loses, ever. Like seriously, never. True story.

  • Devil_Rising

    He IS, and has been for years, after all, the new “Hulkster”. What’d you expect? WWE will ride that train till the wheels fall off, just like they did with “Hulkamania”. Except at least Hulkamania, while it too got old, had it’s charm. The “Cenation”….does not.

  • elvisD

    WOW! Cena in another Title match, So He’s been in every title main event since Wrestlemania? What the Fuck?

  • Cryme Tyyymmmeee

    They just gave those titles to Airboom a couple of weeks ago. I seriously hope the Miz & Truth don’t win ’em already -___-

  • Effmenow

    And they still wonder why their ppv buys continue to drop.