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Updated Card for WWE’s SummerSlam PPV

– Coming out of tonight’s RAW, below is the updated confirmed card for WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view from Los Angeles in just two weeks:

WWE Title vs. WWE Title Match
John Cena vs. CM Punk

No Holds Barred Match for the World Heavyweight Title
Randy Orton vs. Christian

WWE Divas Title Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

Musical Performance: Rapper Cee Lo Green

  • edo.risk

    Christian shoud shyque out Orton and add to the No Hold Barred to be a Tables Match since Randy cant get a table to crush…. lol!

  • venom

    This year’s Summer Slam will be better than lasy year. Last year’s had 6 matches and two of them ended in dq.

  • marcum

    i understand that Natalya is better then most divas on the roster now, but that should be why she gets a pus. Not because she is a hart. There are divas like Aj, Gail Kim, Melina, and Beth that dont get pushes as well and nobody says anything because they’re last names aren’t heart.

  • Bill

    @Sammo, CM Punk & Cena are in a rivalry. Of course they’re going to have multiple PPV matches. Same with Christian & Orton, but maybe that needs to end at SS. Has nobody considered the thought of a possible Wade Barrett vs. D. Bryan match? They could have a great match. An in all fairness, what other matches could we have? I mean, these all are part of the storyline. Do you want to see Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson for the WHC instead? What about Cena vs. JoMo for the WWE Title(let’s say Punk never returned) in a typical Cena squash match? See? That would be a mediocre card.

  • Devil_Rising

    I can’t believe anyone would honestly say “these matches don’t have a SS aura to them”, when this year’s WM blew me away with it’s utterly impossible ability to actually be WORSE than the two previous to it.

    WM 25 and 26 were, for the most part, craptacular, but 27 took the fuckin’ cake.

    On the other hand, it would be GOOD to have Beth win the title, to at least finally have a REAL wrestler holding it again. Though I WAS pulling for Natalya…when is WWE ever going to get back around to giving ANY of those Harts the kind of pushes they deserve. Hell, Harry Smith, the son of the British fuckin’ Bulldog, hasn’t even been on TV in……..what? Half a year?

  • KpNuttzLol

    Oh thank goodness, Phoenix and Kelly Kelly instead of The Bella’s and Kelly Kelly. Who knows we might see an average or reasonable diva’s match 😀

  • KpNuttzLol

    Oh thank goodness, Phoenix and Kelly Kelly instead of The Bella’s and Kelly Kelly. Who knows we might see an average or reasonable diva’s match 😀

  • KpNuttzLol

    Oh thank goodness, Phoenix and Kelly Kelly instead of The Bella’s and Kelly Kelly. Who knows we might see an average or reasonable diva’s match 😀

  • Sammo

    The World title matches just don’t seem to have a Summerslam aura about them – mainly because they’re matches that we’ve already seen plenty of times before, including the last PPV just a couple of weeks ago.

    You can probably add Sheamus v Mark Henry, Morrison v Truth, Kofi v Del Rio and Ziggler v Riley to the Summerslam line-up and then you’ve got yourself a pretty mediocre looking card.

  • Loose Cannon

    Two wwe champions not a shock that cena one of them, it makes no sense anymore, cm punk wins the wwe title at mitb the next nite a bunch of lame matches & rey wins wwe title then loses to cena for his record breaking 40th title reign…rey won’t get his rematch….cm punk never really left & cena sure as hell never beat punk to claim anything, apparently cena fans hasn’t been watching to realize that cm punk is the only wwe champion!!!!

  • BlahH

    It has been a popular discussion of speculation in the wrestling world and it seems as if WWE does plan for CM Punk and Triple H to eventually have a match.

    After speaking with several insiders, one said it has been “a rumor floating around” and another said “it seems to be what they (creative) are really wanting build to.”

    The sources are speaking of the possible plan of having CM Punk and Triple H face off in a match at Survivor Series this November at Madison Square Garden.

    Two interesting aspects to the feud that have come up is that an episode of RAW leading up to the match at Survivor Series, Triple H would beat up and bloody CM Punk. Before going forward and airing this, WWE would likely get the approval from USA network. This would be something that is uncharacteristic to the WWE’s more PG content which includes avoiding having blood on screen.

    The other aspect to the feud is some type of stipulation in the match. While some suggest it would be that if Triple H loses than he must step down from his Chief Operating Officer position he is holding on screen, others are saying that Triple H keeping his on screen power would be a stipulation but only will be put in to place if there is an equally important stipulation on the line if CM Punk was to lose.

    I was told the final decision of going forward to Survivor Series may not be made official until SummerSlam or shortly after. One source reminded me that “Punk is holding a different hand of cards these days.”

    This is referring to what CM Punk did make some reference to on the ESPN podcast and several have speculated that he has some say in the creative direction of his character and storylines. So any plan such as him going to Survivor Series to fight Triple H and have stipulations involved in the match could potentially be altered by CM Punk himself where in the past that wouldn’t have been the case.

  • Notingham

    Agree Josh… I’m sorry, but you can’t do Cena Punk again so soon. You can’t.. I REPEAT… can’t have the same level of emotion and interest you had in the last match. So to do it LITERALLY on the next PPV is stupid and anti-climatic.

    Orton and Christian is much the same. The last match was more interesting… And had a bettter stipulation. Now we get a no holds barred match. Yippeee!

    2nd Biggest PPV of the year and those are the only matches with really any build up. Del Rio and Kofi? Dolph and Riley (why is this guy a face doesn’t work at all)? For a company who said they wanted more long term angles, all of this except two matches is ZERO build up and the ones that are should have been concluded last PPV.

  • josh

    Orton/Christain has been a match for like 4 months. Christan will lose because Orton is too popular with all the 6 year olds. Cena/Punk can’t repeat their MIB match. Plus it will end one of 2 ways: Non-clean win for Punk, Cena Victory. Then Del Rio will come out and either cash in or almost cash in.

    I’m negative because it’s like they aren’t trying anymore. For this being the second biggest PPV, not much has been put into it. Any other match added is going to have no background storyline so their is no invested interested. Yes, part of that is due to there being too many PPV’s which gives the writers only 3-4 weeks to build storylines

  • Zach D

    @ Josh. Why you gotta be so negative? There’s always a stupid divas match and if we like wrestling we have to deal with that and other than that it’s a decent card. I mean come on they only announced 3 matches one of which will get 2 minutes. I’m sick of people complaining about WWE. Especially now that it’s getting better





  • josh

    Hope nobody bought tickets