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Updated Details on WWE Doing Away with the ECW Name and More

Partial source: Wrestling Observer

– As noted before, WWE has been in talks with the SyFy network about re-branding ECW and coming up with new programming for Tuesday nights in the 10pm time slot.

The latest is that the show will most likely be a program to showcase up and coming WWE talents, pretty much what it is right now, just without the “ECW” letters and probably a new look.

The talks between SyFy and WWE have been going on for a while now as SyFy has been unhappy with the ratings.

  • swaggerfan

    it would be good if WWE make “that” show FCW florida champion ship wrestling its great man great talent too

  • Valentine

    I think if ECW was retired they would just rename the ECW Championship to the Extreme World Championship and have it e like a glorified hardcore title.

  • SAWed_Off

    Hey, Antoine… If they retired the ECW brand and replaced it with a new WWE show, why would they keep the ECW Title?

    …Now who’s the jackass?

  • Antoine

    whoever said that they’re gonna retire the ECW Championship is a jackass.They would never do that.

  • jjthorne

    so SyFy are annoyed with the ratings that ECW are getting ATM, but a few weeks ago the WWE were saying that the ECW was the highest rated so on SyFy week after week, well what does SyFy want then and i think that SyFy need to take a look at some of there own shows.

  • SAWed_Off

    I agree 100% with DK Monster.

    As for Billy Kidman being “top-tier”, he’d be a veteran on ECW without a doubt. When could you ever say that William Regal was “top-tier”? After he went to ECW, that’s when. The only reason I even brought Kidman up was just the fact that he worked as a trainer in FCW. I just thought up swapping jobs between he and Tommy Dreamer.

    I like Dreamer, but I think he should hang it up for good when ECW hangs it up for good.

  • DK Monster

    I like watching the show and I like the format they have
    right now.
    I still watch ECW because of guys like Christian, Benjamin..
    But I hate the fact that they’re still using the title
    ‘ECW’ which I used to cherish and love..
    Rebranding the show with a new name and putting ECW back
    to nostalgia would be the best decision that WWE made
    in last 5 years.

  • brody

    Billy Kidman is a top-tier wrestler? Since when?

    It’s a shame what they’ve done with the ECW name, but rebranding the show and making it officially geared toward seasoning younger wrestlers and giving them exposure is a good idea. An original idea is desperately needed for wwe’s syfy show, instead of dragging out old names and giving them new colors or some other crap(coughhackDXcoughwheezegurgle).

  • baddog_1_2k

    Tommy dreamer is a great wrestler but he alone dosen’t make it ecw..I gotta agree with you guys this has takin to long they already tarnished the brand

  • Mike T.

    You have no idea how long ive been waiting for this.

  • SAWed_Off

    Yes! This really is great news. Tonight on ECW, The Dudebusters (Caylen Croft and Trent Beretta) debut and Bryan Danielson’s debut on ECW is imminent.

    With those editions, the roster is not only bigger in number but stronger in talent. Maybe, once the name changes and the show is re-branded, we can swap out Billy Kidman and Tommy Dreamer? As in, bring Kidman back to the active roster and make Dreamer a trainer in FCW. Dreamer would leave ECW along with the death of the brand, the new show gets a new top-tier veteran and the fresh stars can continue to earn exposure. Not to mention, focusing on more competition and less exposition.

    The ECW Championship would be retired, a new title would be presented to the former champ (be it Christian or Shelton Benjamin at the time) and SyFy would get what they want. Minor and picky changes, yeah. However, it would be a simple re-branding and the fact that it was “all-new” would draw a bunch of attention.

  • Ant

    You sound stupid because ECW has Christian,Shelton Benjamen and William Reagel.All of them have talent and ECW is legendary.

  • nottingham

    Good.. About time they did away with the joke of what they turned ECW into.

    That show does serve a great part in developing young guys and being able to move them along. If anything, they need to keep some of them around a little longer to establish some rivalries and strengthen the character before moving them to the big shows.