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Updated Details on WWE Planning Their Own Cable Network

– The planned WWE cable network is going to be a big part of the company re-branding that is going on. The idea is that they are doing their own network and don’t want it seen as a pro wrestling TV channel.

WWE is looking to air scripted programming and other programming that they can use their marketing concepts with. This would include marketing the characters and even touring with the new shows. The Harlem Globetrotters would be a perfect fit for this new concept but they aren’t doing sports right now. The concept was described as something like High School Musical or Dora the Explorer where you have a program, you merchandise the characters and go on tour.

WWE is also looking at using people like Drew Carey to come up with programming ideas.

The WWE network will feature a lot of wrestling still, with a lot of old footage airing. WWE is currently digitizing some of their footage and trying to upgrade it to HD for the network. The network will also show programs like NXT, Superstars and some of the recap shows that air internationally.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Shelly

    I like Raw and Smackdown. So now they are taking this away too. First it was NXT, Superstars. Now they want there own channel and let me guess this is a channel we will have to pay extra to watch on top of it all.

  • Dave L

    i love wrestling, I love the WWE, but this channel sounds like nothing I would watch. And if that’s what it becomes Id rather watch Oprah’s OWN channel. I tune to WWE for Wrestling, not wrestlers pretending they aren’t wrestlers but pretending they are something else. Vince Stick to what you do best, learn from your past mistakes IE: XFL.

  • Sipeli

    Would be cool if they had a weekly discussion show after both RAW and Smackdown. Preferably with someone like JR who could get away with saying stuff that others couldnt about the product.

  • Bill

    @rob. Great idea! But knowing WWE, we’ll get a Santino sitcom, Sheamus musical, & a Kane political talk show(actually, the last 2 sound hilarious).

  • nick

    as long as people are WRESTLING, it will always be known as WRESTLING… the world is laughing at them for not referring themselves as wrestling. its a joke

  • Peep it

    If they wanted to do somthing worth watching then trying to create a ESPN meets Sprout tv shit. THIS LIKE everything else the do will FAIL… Cough XFL…….. Yeah

    No shit RIP WWE. I think after 28 WRESTLE MANIA (opps I said wrestling) I think the show will decline with the more hard core fans. Then again, they are branching out into other media and markets. So its really hard to say what the fuck these guys are doing. It aint for me anymore. Ill just DVR it read up on the net. If something intersting Ill watch dvr. Other wise DVR and Delete.

  • Thumper!

    Just what this world needs, a fuckin John Cena cartoon.

    WWE is DEAD.
    Vince killed wrestling.

  • rob

    Zack Ryder gets his own show!!!… :[ i’d rather see him wrestle.

  • JIR

    I like the idea of tuning into a channel to watch old Raws, Nitros, SD,and SNME but this is not what i had in mind

  • CC

    “The Harlem Globetrotters would be a perfect fit for this new concept but they aren’t doing sports right now”
    Is it just me, or does this seem to be the randomest pick ever?
    Firstly I cant see what the Globetrotters have to do with anything mentioned. And secondly, why even mention them if they are not “doing” sports right now?

  • J

    I am interested to see how the balance the two. Because it sounds like nickeoledeon meets HD sports net. So if all the baby, or character programming in the morning early afternoon and the old archival footage at night. i dont mind..

    Hardcore wrestling fans dont mind tuning in at 3 am to watch old ECW episodes. They did it in the 90s, and they ll do it now.

  • Logan

    Seems like we’re gonna be getting talk shows, reality shows and very little wrestling. They say they’re gonna show a lot of the old stuff, which is fine, but I think its gonna be like that episode of South Park were they started out with some “wrestling” but it ended up just being plays…..thank you WWE……

  • Mr. XYZ

    Do you think they’ll have 1 night in China?

  • Mr. X

    I like it, sounds cool

  • The Great One

    ok, wrestling is dead. WWE is now baseing its compnay around the concept of high school music and dora the fucking explorer. Tbh, dont see myself last watching WWE beyond Mania 28

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    RIP World “Wrestling” Entertainment 2011…