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Updated Listing for Tonight’s TNA Impact, Adult Film Star Pitches Idea, Plans for Abyss

– Below is the updated line-up for tonight’s live episode of TNA Impact Wrestling at 8pm EST:

* Ultimate X opens the show with Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Chris Sabin

* Mr. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Title

* The fallout from Dixie Carter’s husband Serg punching AJ Styles last week

* The Bound For Glory Series kicks off with a Gauntlet Match

* The fallout from Slammiversary and hype for Destination X

– Former adult film star and independent wrestling personality Trina Michaels was backstage at the June 7th Impact tapings. She didn’t perform but had a meeting where she tried to push the idea of a feud with Brooke Hogan as a Hogan vs. Michaels feud.

– TNA officials want to keep both Abyss and Joseph Park around as regular competitors once the Abyss character is brought back full-time. The idea would be that fans are aware that Park and Abyss are the same person.

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  • Soulshroude

    Hmm, kind of ruins the whole, “Abyss coming out from under the ring”, as Joseph looks on in disbelief… now doesn’t it.

  • JipC

    Trina Michaels is actually a good wrestler n good on the mic. Too bad for her she took dicks in all her holes on camera for a living and then tried 2 b a wrestler after.Stupid HO!

  • Bill

    Hey, I actually love the Joseph Parks Abyss(this is coming from a WWE fan). Way better than the one with Hogan’s WCW rip-off theme & the Hall of Fame ring.

  • aszman

    I_am_using_underscores_to_try to_bypass-the_addwords_CRAP, I_do_not_endorse_any_product_because_they_do_not_pay_me_so_i_won’t_advertise for_them.


    Dixies_affair_storyline _is_embarrasing,_serge_as_next_champ? Dixie_next_knockout_champ? DIXIE_KENNEDY_MCHMAHON!!

    Abyss_is_Chris? How_Are_Chris_and_Joe_Park_be_the_same_person? Or_does_article_mean_fans_are_intended_to_know_CHRIS_and_Abyss_are_the_same?


  • scooter

    It’s better than doing nothing with the x-division.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    ‘The idea would be that fans are aware that Park and Abyss are the same person.’ Its not the idea its the reality haha. I think they would have been better off revealing Joseph Park as Abyss at Slamiversary.

  • Unique

    You only just realized they are trying to make Abyss a Mick Foley type??

  • RacinTrucker350

    So are they trying to make Abyss a Mick Foley type with different personas?

  • T-Will

    @scooter yeah they’re going to build it with the 3-5 maybe wrestlers they have for this PPV then after it where will the x division be for the remainder of the year?

  • scooter

    ultimate x on impact looks like they’re gonna highlight the x-division at destination x again and their looking to build it good decision in my opinion.

  • @GreasyRabbit76
    He’ll have the option to be buried one giant time, or two medium size times. Same pay.

  • GreasyRabbit75

    Wonder if Chris Parks will get two paychecks?