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Updated Money in the Bank Card – Sin Cara Added To Ladder Match; Pre-Show Match

On Raw SuperShow, Sin Cara won the final qualifying match to capture a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Championship Contract at Money in the Bank on Sunday. Tag team action is also slated for the event as Kofi Kingston and R-Truth will defend the WWE Tag Team Championship against Camacho and Hunico in the Money in the Bank Pre-Show, which streams live on, and at 7:30 ET/4:30 PT. Here is the updated card:

* WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan with AJ as the special guest referee

* WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. Camacho and Hunico

* World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

* Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a WWE Championship Contract – Big Show vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Cena vs. Kane

* Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Championship Contract – Christian vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Santino Marella vs. Sin Cara vs. Tensai vs. Tyson Kidd

  • adam

    Although jericho might win because it is sooooooo obvious that cena is going to win that vince might want to throw a curve ball. Plus better rivalries could be made off of a jericho win then a cena win. If jericho wins you could get a renewed jericho vs punk or jericho vs bryan. If cena wins its just cena vs punk again with cena winning hes champion again fun

  • JSmooth

    4 people sucks all these past wwe champs all they put in the match was 4 people dude is right john cenas going to win and everyone will riot because cena doesnt need another championship give someone else a SHOT I MEAN THAT WAS THE WHOLW POINT OF MIB WHEN IT STARTED GIVE SOMEONE OTHER THAN JOHN CENA A CHANCE TO WIN A TITLE. GUESS THEY FORGOT. its a nice cobcept but it really needs more people wwe championship mib match that is.

  • adam

    No its only 4 because it has to be former wwe champions so they limited themselves.

  • Tyler

    So is there only going to be four men in the WWE money in the bank or are they going to announce 4 others on smack down because the world title money in the bank already has 8 superstars

  • adam

    Wow that makes the raw mitb match look even worse then its going to be. You have 8 possibly 9 superstars in the smackdown one and 4 on raws side. 2 of which are super heavyweights and arnt that entertaining in a ladder match. They just made it so they can have cena win easy and give him the briefcase then he will cash it in on punk or bryan right away.

  • yofits


    they can’t book a black team vs a black team. That’s racist.

  • SYM

    WTF why Hunico and Camacho? Put the Damn Prime Time Players in. And the RAW MITB isn’t a MITB its just a 4 Way Ladder Match with a Contract hanging above the damn Ring. Cena’s going to win anyway. But I’ll just be happy because CM Punk vs D Bryan is Main Eventing…..I hope.

  • mabry

    i was and still am excited about Tyson Kidd being in the match, but i have this feeling that he will be beat up by Albert either before or early in the match, leaving him unable to do anything…. i really hope to be wrong, but these kind of crap happens in WWE more then we wish for…

  • yofits

    If Hunico & Camcho do not win the tag titles, Vince is RACIST!

  • killer bee

    Sorry about the last part I mean The King of the Ring

  • killer bee

    I know I’m going get thumbs down for this, but here I go .
    I hate what happen to the money in the bank matches, I mean it weakens the credibility of the titles ( I know that not saying much for today championship)an wrestler . We all know whats going to happen the winners are to crash it right after a match or a bet-down. At first it was a great idea ,but now its just getting old .Look back at all of the winners ( minus R.V.D an Mr. Kennedy )same thing all cash in after match or a betting . They need to bring back The of Ring

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I was actually hoping they’d add Mysterio and Miz to the WWE Championship MITB, but four wrestlers will work too I suppose.

    I can’t think of any ex WWE champions they could add (excluding Del Rio and Orton). Hell, add Bob Backlund over Miz.

  • kk

    4 matches? maybe they’ll add ptp vs primo/epico and a ryback, brodus and a divas match on sunday night.