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Updated On Surprise Rumble Entrants and Their Roles in WWE

– Both Kevin Nash and Booker T are scheduled for the Royal Rumble tonight, and are in Boston right now.

For those interested, Nash is sporting darker hair now. Booker T’s role going forward with WWE isn’t clear right now, but it is expected he will be a manager rather than a wrestler.

As for Nash, he is only scheduled to work the Rumble tonight but there is talk he will continue on with WWE in a non-wrestling capacity.

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  • RawIsWar

    Sting is the only WCW wrestler to have not signed a contract with the WWE and is by far the most iconic WCW wrestler as well… Sting is the last person that needs to go to WWE he doesn’t need them, but that being said it would be cool seeing him (Sting) & Taker in a match.

  • The Crow

    Wow What A Spinaroonie its been soooo long lol id have to go with gary i was hoping sting would come over too lol.

  • Gary

    to be honest i think nash would be a better gm for raw, then slide booker to SD

  • booker t raw gm