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Updated TNA Bound For Glory PPV Card – X Division Match Announced, More

During Thursday’s Impact Wrestling broadcast, it was announced that Zema Ion would be defending the TNA X Division Championship against Rob Van Dam this Sunday at Bound For Glory.

It was also announced that if Joey Ryan defeats Al Snow at the pay-per-view event, he will receive a TNA Wrestling contract.

The announced line-up for Bound For Glory is as follows:

* TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy.

* Bully Ray and Sting vs. Aces & 8. If Aces & 8s win, they will receive full access to the Impact Zone. If Bully Ray and Sting win, Aces & 8s will leave TNA forever.

* TNA World Tag Team Championship Match – Christopher Daniels and Kazarian (c) vs. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez.

* Street Fight – James Storm vs. Bobby Roode. King Mo serve as the Special Enforcer.

* TNA Television Championship Match – Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus.

* TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match – Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Tara.

* TNA X Division Championship Match – Zema Ion (c) vs. Rob Van Dam.

* Al Snow vs Joey Ryan. Ryan receives a TNA Wrestling contract if he wins.

  • eric

    I could name better tna bound for glory that this one. to guy who said best card. bound for glory 2010 was million times better of card than this one. let’s see bfg 2010 genme vs shelly and sabin real tag teams for tna tag team titles. with great build up. jeff hardy turing heel as anti christ of pro wrestling. getting big push as monster heel. bfg 2010 was alot better. i remember tna before hogan and bischoff came in turn it into wwe 2.0. team canada, amw, 3lc, the natruals, james gang vkm, the great tag teams beer money, mcmg, genme, tag team divison was alot better in 2009-2010 than it is right now. this ppv bfg is maybe average card. or decent card at best. not best bfg i have ever seen. tna has turned into wwe sister company since hulkster and bischoff showd up 2 yrs ago. changing tna six sided ring. copying wwe general manger, wwe hall of fame. turing tna into wwe boring 4 sided ring. hogan and bischoff are turing tna untill wwe. only diffrence is tna is tv14 wwe is not. tna was alot better before hogan and bischoff came in. tag team divison was better in 2009-2010 with team 3d, beermoney, british invasion, mcmgs, genme, etc hogan has ruined tna!

  • JohnCena33

    Wow, TNA’s biggest PPV of the year looks bad.

  • Devil_Rising

    Man. Even TNA is doing the “Just slap together singles guys and have them compete for the tag titles” thing. It’s really sad, in this day and age, that tag team wrestling, with REAL long-term tag teams, is so undervalued by the “big two”.

    Once upon a time, tag team wrestling was something to be proud of, in any company or territory….

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    I find it to be a pretty solid card

  • RAMSES 2


  • David

    Mr. Albert you must not have ever watched TNA(TotalNonstopAries) or keep up since this is the best TNA card in ages and infact I’m debating if this is worth it more then WWE HIAC since these matches sound better then what ima probably get from WWE so far… also I’m sorry but R.V.D. losing to Zema wouldn’t be that bad considering for me R.V.D already has been tarnishing his “legacy” since going to TNA just about. I was a HUGE R.V.D. fan and still have respect for what he has done but since TNA hasn’t been quite the same the last year. I still have my R.V.D. poster I took to WWE RAW years ago on my wall but not now. Zema Ion is better then some of you give him credit for.Also I like how Austin Aries is copying the CM Punk & John Cena respect gimmick with him and Jeff Hardy… the sad thing is Jeff’s getting the same push as Cena but what makes it worse for Jeff & Aries is AA is still needing of a few more main event matches with main talent unlike Punk who has earned my respect ages ago before the WWE Championship Titles and Jeff is lucky TNA still has him after all the crap with Jeff. The only reason they are willing to give him “one last chance” is cuz he draws the stupid fans instead of caring about letting the real wrestlers of TNA like AA,AJ,SJ,JS,RR fight for the title. I would even rather see Bully Ray fight for the title again as I liked the matches with Austin & Bully.which was I thought I was going to get till TNA decided they need to kiss Jeff’s ass and give him the title match and title most likely so he will re sign which to me is stupid as if I recall TNA was the one that kept Jeff out of going to jail and yet he can’t agree to a contract with the people who helped him when they didn’t have to unless they give him a title he hasn’t even earned the right to fight for again? How can they trust him to be the “face of TNA” again so easily? Make him wait a few more months atleast before promoting him for the TNA title so quickly.also bring back the things that MADE TNA like the X-Division, Tag Division, the Knockouts and the SIX SIDED RING! Why did they change it? It made them diffrent….they are turning into WWE ver. 2

  • If zema ion wins clean then RVD’s legacy will be tarnished, so RVD either needs to win or by dq!!

  • scooter

    Honestly had they given Zema Ion vs RVD some build up (RVD being x-division before the x-division and how this is a huge oppurtuinity for Zema.) It could really have put Zema over and made the division look strong with someone like RVD in it!

  • KingAlbert

    lol, is this the best TNA can offer?